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  1. Fournette being ruled out really hurts chances this week. At least they did it early. Best option at replacement? Chris Hogan (FA) Chris Ivory (FA) Kerwynn Williams (FA) Davente Parker (on team) Matt Forte (on team) Orleans Darkwa (on team)
  2. Having a tough time this week picking who to play in my W/T/R spot. Need to pick between Joe Mixon, Orleans Darkwa, DeVante Parker. All of the ranking sites have them nearly identical. Anyone have any insight I may be missing?
  3. Having a struggle narrowing down my RB/WR and WR spot. Need to pick 2 between Stefon Diggs, JJ Nelson, and Chris Carson. With Sam Bradford out, worry that hurts Diggs value. JJ Nelson has had 2 great weeks so hoping he can continue. Very intrigued with Chris Carson's emergence, but worry about SEA OL.
  4. Currently 1-0 and highest scorer last week so I feel I have good chance for playoffs. The guy who drafted David Johnson dropped his yesterday. He worth adding and stashing? Currently have Charles Clay or Willie's Snead (sspd) who are expendable right now until the season professes.
  5. I'm surprised I'm even asking this question, but with Reed still showing signs of injury and Gabriel becoming a key figure in the Falcons offense and Julio out today, I feel I need a second opinion for my WR/TE spot.
  6. Thanks guys, that's the way I was leaning, but news keeps coming out on him. Let me know if you have any roster questions that you need help with.
  7. So some injuries have put me in a weird spot for my WR/TE/RB spot. I usually play Riddick there, but he's out. Do I take a chance with AP who may be under a snap count or go with Kenneth Dixon or Tim Hightower? Any suggestions are appreciated!
  8. oppie00

    Keep Duke Johnson or picks up Kenneth Dixon?

    Thanks all. I was able to swap out Duke for Dixon right before kickoff last night. Dixon looked very prominent in the passing game and should get some more run plays going forward. Thanks for the suggestion.
  9. oppie00

    WR Help

    As a Browns fan, I'd go Wallace, our secondary is brutal and susceptible to the big play. If you don't feel comfortable with Marshall, Nelson has had some huge games the last 2 weeks and now has been added to 3 deep sets so should continue to produce.
  10. I have some flexibility on my bench and just looking for best long term value in a 0.25 PPR League. I have Duke Johnson, but have been thinking about picking up Kenneth Dixon in hopes he'd finally surpass Terrance West. Johnson has been on in the pass game, but done little in the run game.
  11. Now that most of my team has completed its bye, I have a little roster flexibility to take a flyer on a FA RB. Now I just have to figure out who I should grab. These appear to be my ear options for the rest of the season which is a little scary. Any suggestions are appreciated. Chris Ivory James Starks TJ Yeldon Kenneth Dixon Ryan Mathews Chris Thompson
  12. Thanks for all of the advice. Right now I'm projected slightly ahead of the other guy even without Reed so may roll the dice without a TE as Clay was only project 6 points. At the end of the weekend, I should get some better clarity on Dixon's value and then can evaluate. I doubt I'll be able to get Eifert back if I drop him because I have 3 homer Bengals fans in my league who have waiver priority over me right now. I drafted him late as a steal so being a bit stubborn about him as I've stuck with him this long. It's a risk not playing a TE, but at 5-0 and in 1st, worth the risk over dropping someone that can help me long-term I guess.
  13. So I'm 5-0 in a 12 team, 0.25 PPR league, but the injury bug and Bye week combo hit me hard. With Jordan Reed and Theo Riddick now being ruled out, I'm left with some decent size holes at my TE and W/R/T positions. I'm just going plug Duke Johnson in the flex and then need to address my TE. Charles Clay seems like my best option, but unfortunately means I have to drop someone from the roster in order to do so. My best options unfortunately seem to be Kenneth Dixon, Tyler Eifert, Theo Riddick or Matt Ryan. Any direction or advice is desperately appreciated. QB(1): Tom Brady, Matt Ryan RB(2): Leveon Bell, Devonta Freeman, Duke Johnson, Kenneth Dixon, Theo Riddick (out) WR(2): Antonio Brown, Sterling Sheppard, Cameron Meredith, Stefan Diggs (Bye), Donte Moncrief (Out) TE (1): Jordan Reed (out), Tyler Eifert (out) W/R/T(1) W/R(1) K(1): Mason Crosby Def (1): LA Rams
  14. So I'm on the verge of a playoff spot and this week is do or die for me. Most of the ranking sites have Kaepernick and Sanchez fairly similar to having a hard time deciding who to go with. I went Kaepernick last week when I should have went Sanchez and ended up losing by 6. Sanchez has the advantage of a better offense, but don't like his matchup against GB as I do Kaepernick's against NYG. Any thoughts?
  15. oppie00

    Can I drop Ben Tate?

    As a Browns fan, I say drop him. It appears he's lost a number of carries to West and Crowell and doesn't appear to have that extra gear that he use to. He may get you the occasional TD, but with him splitting carries with the other 2 guys, he has lower value than Bryant IMO.