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  1. JT Fox

    Microsoft 365

    Thanks for the feedback. Cheers.
  2. JT Fox

    Microsoft 365

    Will this work on the free version of excel I can use online? Cheers
  3. JT Fox

    Good D this week?

    I've got the Browns, NYG this week and NYJ next week. What could possible go wrong? Cheers
  4. JT Fox

    Tight Games.

    Week 10: Your Mom 95.25 Team BattleFox 94.95 Week 13: The Meerkats 88.10 Team BattleFox 88.05 Week 14: Meets Your Mom in the first round of the playoffs. Your Mom 109.50 Team BattleFox 109.85 As you can see, I've won/lost in 3 games by a total of 0.70 Fpts. Two against the same team. I've never seen so many tight games. Anyone else had tight games this year? Cheers
  5. JT Fox

    Tay Hill Or Rivers

    In the league I play we score 6pts for a passing TD and 1pt for 20yds passing. In this case I'd start Rivers. If your league 4pts/TD and 1pt/25yrds I go Hill. The risk is KC jump out to a big lead and NO put Winston in to air it out downfield. Cheers
  6. JT Fox

    Can I Start 2 x SF RBs?

    I have two positions to fill this week, RB and a RB/WR/TE Flex. Standard scoring. My original plan was Carson and Mostert but with the Washington defence playing well now I'm not sure. I have Wilson Jr. on my bench, is starting both SF RBs an option against Dallas? Other options are Elliott and McLaurin. Elliott's a no, but McLaurin could start in the flex spot with either Carson or Mostert. Hope that make sense. Cheers
  7. JT Fox

    WR/CB analysis

    Football outsiders ranks Defence Vs WR1, WR2 etc Cheers
  8. JT Fox

    Defense By Committee

    My Off rankings. CLE 1 LAR 2 BAL 3 CIN 3 DEN 3 HOU 3 MIN 3 NYJ 3 SF 3 CHI 4 LAC 4 NYG 4 ARI 5 BUF 5 CAR 5 GB 5 JAC 5 KC 5 MIA 5 PHI 5 SEA 5 TB 5 DET 6 IND 6 OAK 6 TEN 6 DAL 7 PIT 7 WAS 7 ATL 8 NE 10 NO 10 Cheers
  9. JT Fox

    Defense By Committee

    Hi Robb. Football Outsiders have a nice selection of stats and rankings. EG. Using data from FO and your spread sheet I could map out SOS for WR2s. Handy for streaming those back up players. Cheers
  10. JT Fox

    Who got the best Fantasy rankings/projections?

    I like FantesyPros as they have concensus ranking and projections. Cheers
  11. JT Fox

    Defense By Committee

    Robb. Thanks for sending the spreadsheet through, very interesting. Am I right in assuming that all defences are treated as neutral? An alternate use: - If you ranked each team, (1 been best), defensively by position, (one spreadsheet per position), would this then give you a QB SOS, RB SOS etc. The reds would by tough games and the grey easy. Handy for streaming any position. Cheers PS Drafted MIN & NE in the 13th & 14th rounds. Spread sheet suggest using IND and JAC after excluding rostered defences.
  12. JT Fox

    Lineup decisions

    Voted Ryan, Forte & Hill. Cheers JTF
  13. JT Fox

    Run Draft Buddy on your iPad

    Hi Mike. Sorry if this is off topic, it's in the same ball park though. Has Draft Buddy been tested with the Windows Surface RT tablet? It's the only thigh have with Excel on it. Cheers JTF
  14. JT Fox


    Hi D-Boy. How well do you think you would do vs your opponent if you left the roster spot empty? If you think you'd still win then the RB doesn't matter. If you think you'd lose by less than Millers avg pts/wk then start Miller, it's the safe option. If you think you'd lose by more than Millers avg pts/wk then start Murray as he has more upside. If he gets pulled early due to the injury it dosn't matter, you are going to lose anyway. I hpe that logic makes sence. Cheers JTF HOU Vs BAL http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=441971
  15. JT Fox

    RB Championship Help! Will answer yours....

    Ingram and Stewart. Think Stewart will have room if Cam plays. Cheers JTF HOU Vs BAL http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=441971