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  1. cousinal111

    Gambling Thread

    Jaguars +3 (vs Colts) Bengals vs Raiders (Under 49)
  2. cousinal111

    Todd Gurley - Week 6

    If it is indeed something that needs significant rest, now is the time. At Falcons & Bengals at home upcoming before the Week 9 bye.
  3. cousinal111

    Todd Gurley - Week 6

    Fire up Malcolm Brown!
  4. cousinal111

    Saints v. Panthers - MNF - What do ya need?

    Got Lutz, up 6 against Saints D & Ingram. After getting 0 from Keenan Allen & having both Goff & Josh Reynolds have that TD taken off the board, I have little hope. One of those weeks.
  5. cousinal111

    So...What Kicker You Rolling With In The Playoffs?

    Lutz & I need a big game from him tonight.
  6. cousinal111

    I started Williams last night

    I started Keenan Allen in both big money leagues.
  7. cousinal111

    Full PPR - Pick 1

    Tevin Coleman Ito Smith Jeff Wilson Jr. Kenneth Dixon
  8. cousinal111

    Kenneth Dixon

    May start him if Breida plays and I'm forced to bench Wilson.
  9. cousinal111

    If Urban was to coach in the NFL...

    He's a control freak like Nick Sabsn. It would take a boatload of money & the perfect fit involving full control for either to ever consider coaching on the NFL. If Saban could've gotten Drew Brees like he wanted instead of Daunte Culpepper, he may still be coaching the Dolphins.
  10. cousinal111

    Week 14 Gambling

    Dolphins miracle cost me 50 bucks in Saints/Chiefs/Pats Money Line parlay.
  11. cousinal111

    Monday Night... Whatcha Need?

    1/2 PPR, I need 19.5 from Lockett. 5 catches, 110, 1 TD. Return yards count too.
  12. cousinal111

    Week 14 Gambling

    Chiefs/Saints/Patriots Parlay (all Money Lines) pays out at Even odds. Risk 50 to win 50. Eagles Money Line (+165), risking 50 to win 82.50 or just take the Eagles as 3 point underdogs at (-110).
  13. cousinal111

    Gambling week 13

    Saints (- anything single digits) Just can't see it being within 10 points.
  14. cousinal111

    Boswell Fake Field Goal

    Just looked at this in my league. Boswell got 6.07 points for the TD. The team that played him won by 2 points. The win kept him alive as he's basically playing a playoff game this weekend, a win and get in season finale.
  15. cousinal111

    weepaws (or anybody)

    I was being a tad sarcastic as everyone says start your studs. I actually was posting while you were posting your long post. I agree with you two cents post.