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    Playoff defenses

    Week 14 performance: CHI DEF 20 NO DEF 9 It had occurred to me that the Rams offense might not turn out to be so fearsome in the Chicago cold, and I'd noted that Winston wasn't throwing the interceptions that he had been earlier in the year. And the CHI DEF had shown in week 2 that they could face Rodgers & co and still put FF points on the board. But once i had pulled NO off the wire, I wasn't able to keep from feeling committed to using them.
  2. SpenceToons

    Cooper looks good.

    After being behind in the projection all day, I broke into the clear with a 12 point lead a little before 6:30P and quickly saved a screenshot of it in case it didn't last. With 6:06 in the 3rd in the PHI-DAL game, my opponent's Wentz had just 0.68 FF points and his Cooper stood at 5.70. Yeah, it sure didn't last. it's a feel good story for The Cowboys, and I can't imagine a 2019 first rounder that could have meant more to them than Cooper.
  3. SpenceToons

    Spencer Ware - Questionable tag

    It's been a rew minutes since i first saw that tag pop up, but he's now just tacked on 1.30 to his FF score...so whatever it was, it must not have been too bad.
  4. SpenceToons

    Spencer Ware - Questionable tag

    Yahoo is now showing the Q tag for Ware and it wasn't there at kickoff. if anyone is watching the game, is it serious ? Is he going to come back in ?
  5. SpenceToons

    Fantasy Football isn't all luck they say?

    And, really, you don't need much more evidence than this.
  6. SpenceToons

    Fantasy Football isn't all luck they say?

    I suspect that if weepaws sat down at the end of the year and rigorously tested the framework that he leans on to make his FF decisions that he would find that it provides him with a small edge vs just tossing a coin to make lineup decisions and sit-start calls. Perhaps a success rate along the lines of 10 steps forward for every 9 steps back. That might not sound like much but for every 100 tosses, he'd expect to be +5 ahead. Armed with such data, he could then say, "No, FF is not all luck. My experience has proven to me that if someone is diligent at it they can hammer out a small edge." The reason why I lean this way is that if I spent as much time and trouble keeping the type of comprehensive and updated ranking system (even if this just means that he does a lot of it in his head) that weepaws seems to lean on to make his calls and it wasn't working for me, I would have abandoned it long ago.
  7. SpenceToons

    Fantasy Football isn't all luck they say?

    +1 (and that also goes for yesterday's post claiming that Henry's big game was somehow a case-closed that FF is 100% luck. The only thing these examples show is that FF is an endeavor that contains high variance.)
  8. SpenceToons

    ESPN Fantasy Football scoring snafu this am!

    With the twist that the occasional doubled word score in Scrabble comes with the territory and is no snafu
  9. SpenceToons

    Who's MVP for yor team this year?

    I'm mournful about the whole thing as I've lost his services right at the cusp of the playoffs but I'd award it to Conner. But I still have a chip and a chair...
  10. SpenceToons

    Chiefs to kick the tires on C.J. Anderson

    Ware owner here so i'm just talking my book when I play devil's advocate and suggest that maybe Damien Williams is the one that isn't who they thought he was. But the more likely answer is that now that they're down to 2 RB hands on deck, they want to go back to making it 3 again. Simple as that
  11. SpenceToons

    Chargers at Steelers: In-Game Discussion

    Fingers crossed that Jaylen Samuels' appearances in the backfield in the last minute were just a passing thing and not a development that carries over into the 2nd Half.
  12. SpenceToons

    Dalton to IR, Done for season

    I mentioned above that I'd still start Boyd confidently despite the change in QBs. As it turns out, i'm going to sit him today though. The sit has nothing to do with Driskel. It's discomfort over the fact that he's projected to face off against Chris Harris and also due to the arrival of Spencer Ware on my roster. I'm also starting Adam Humphries who did well vs CAR last time out.
  13. SpenceToons

    Playoff defenses

    Speaking of the Saints, I was afraid to look at the numbers after seeing the start of the Cowboys-Saints game; but when all was said and done, they turned in another 15 point performance. Those 7 sacks sure helped. I do wish that the Saints were a little stronger in the interception column for when they face off against Winston and the Bucs in week 14.
  14. SpenceToons

    Collins to IR, Dixon activated

    I took a 15 minute delay in picking up Spencer Ware yesterday as I hemmed and hawed about whether I really wanted to drop the guy I drafted with the 31st pick this year......Alex Collins. Looks like that worked out.