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  1. Eaglessb

    Keenan Allen Owners; We trusting him Saturday?

    Thinking about playing Jamal Williams or Robby Anderson instead.
  2. Eaglessb

    Aaron Jones Replacement

    Who should I prioritize on waivers? .5 ppr Damien Williams, Jamal Williams or McGuire. I have Ware on the bench and would definitely go with Damien if Ware was out but that is a Sunday night game and don't know if I would trust either if both were playing.
  3. Eaglessb

    Bold predictions for Week 13...ready, go!

    Kenyan Drake gets 12 carries.
  4. Eaglessb


    I Like Barkley and Gordon based on matchups. Its tough sitting Conner but you have a lot of good choices.
  5. Eaglessb

    RB2 and flex

    .5ppr A Jones, AP, Drake, MVS - pick 2
  6. Eaglessb

    Trade Help

    .5 ppr I have Barkley, then at RB2 I've been using AP, Drake, A Jones, Ekeler. TE I have Hooper/Engram. Do you think I should try to trade Drake for OJ Howard or Olsen? One team has them on the bench behind Kittle and almost nothing at rb. RB2 and TE are my weak spots. QB Maholmes WR/Flex Thielen/Allen/Evans.
  7. Eaglessb

    Drake or A Jones

    .5ppr Drake vs NYJ or A Jones vs NE?
  8. Play AP on Sunday or Drake tonight? .5ppr
  9. Eaglessb


    .5ppr. If Gordon is out start Ekeler over AP?
  10. Eaglessb

    Rb decision

    .5ppr peterson, A. Jones or ekeler
  11. Eaglessb

    WR depth

    I have Thielen/Allen/Evens who I start. I have Keke and Algholor on the bench. Should I swap Algholor with Allison? .5ppr
  12. Eaglessb


    Do I pick up Brate or Hooper for this week? Uzomah is also available.
  13. Eaglessb

    Week 5 Flex

    .5 ppr R Freeman @ NYJ, Ekeler vs OAK, A Jones @ DET, or Algholor vs MIN
  14. Eaglessb

    RB2 and flex

    I have to choose between R. Freeman, Drake, A. Jones and Ekler. .5ppr. Also I have K. Allen in at flex. Do I keep him there and swap Ekler in if he doesn't play, or put Enunwa in for the early game if his status is still up in the air?
  15. Eaglessb

    RB2 for Week 2

    .5 ppr I have AP in right now. My other options are Drake and R. Freeman.