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  1. PPR Robinson- vs Tennessee Evans vs Miami Thanks!
  2. dnathan

    Evans or Claypool

    Evans vs. Rams or Claypool vs Cincinatti PPR- Thanks in advance
  3. dnathan

    Brees or Trubisky

    Brees vs KC Trubisky @Vikings
  4. Tua vs. Jets or Taysom vs. Denver. Thanks!
  5. dnathan

    Must pick 3 PPR

    I need to start 3 of these. Who do I bench? PPR 1. Scotty Miller- @NYG 2. Kupp- @Miami 3. T. Higgins- vs. Tennessee 4. AJ Green vs. Tennessee 5. D. Parker vs LAR
  6. Kupp- vs Bears D. Johnson- vs Packers Gibson vs Dallas Higgins vs. Cleveland Thanks!
  7. dnathan

    Brandin Cooks or Chase Edmonds?

    I would do Cooks. Dallas D is horrible.
  8. Jones against the Redskins or Burrow against Colts. No other QB's on waivers. Thanks!
  9. dnathan

    Trade(Godwin) Possibility

    Would you trade Godwin, Cooks, Watkins for Terry Mclaurin, Dionte Johnson, and TY Hilton. Thanks!
  10. dnathan

    Which wr rest of season

    Cobb scores TD's. I'd go with Cobb.
  11. Which one should I start? PPR Diggs- vs Arizona Cobb- @ Wash L. Murray- vs Texans Ajayi- @ Rams
  12. dnathan

    2 questions

    I am not quite clear on the question. Drop either of which players?
  13. I can start 2 of these in a ppr. Marshall- Home vs LAR Diggs- @ Washington Graham- @NE Cobb- @Tenn S. Smith- vs. Cleveland I am starting Brady Elliott Ajayi Fitzgerald AJ Green
  14. Start 1 in a ppr Murray vs Bucs Diggs vs Chicago J. Graham vs Saints.