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  1. Our keeper league is in its 15th season, but as life responsibilities intrude we find ourselves in need of some fresh talent to keep things going. The keeper system is a little different. You can keep as many or few players as you like, but in order to keep a player they must be drafted at least 3 rounds earlier than they were taken the year before. So for the most part studs go back in the draft, but you can control a break out player for a few years. On average, between 2 and 3 players are kept per team. $20 bonus FAAB for any team that chooses no keepers. Scoring is custom. 6 for all TDs, 1 per 20 rush/rec yards, 1 per 50 pass, bonuses for big yardage, -3 for TOs. Team DEF, which also get 3 for TOs and are a little more important than standard Yahoo. QB, 3 WR, 2 RB, TE, DEF, K. We have 2 very competitive teams available. Keepers are due by Thursday evening. Team 1: Drafts 5th of 12 Can keep Cam Newton 7th round Team 2: Drafts 2nd Can keep Latavius Murray 7th round If you're interested, email icgcac@gmail.com with your invite e-mail and your preference of which team you'd like to take over. Thanks for your interest.