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  1. dear god- biggest one was AP instead of zeke or green i had all three of them really close but i am a vikings fan an was going to a game this year so i thought it would be cool to have my guy an watch him
  2. Junebug101

    Week 5 Streaming Defenses

    they haven't scored a ton of points an the team they are playing has given up a lot of points to def's this year but i like Cincinnati... they got burfict back dre kirkpatrick is going an no dez for dallas plus 10 days to prepare for a rookie i think dak has his first bad outing...
  3. Dont know where to start my first pick is gone for year AP, my second hasn't played yet Bell, my third pick basically hasn't played yet Watkins, i had josh gordon I had zach ertz along with maclin being weak an russell wilson being hurt my team is awesome
  4. Junebug101

    Trade gets vetoed..

    I commish an i hold sole power of trade veto in my league because of crap like what happened in your league plus if someone tells me to i can push a trade through in a day so that people can size up there squads
  5. Junebug101

    Trade Etiquette?

    i am the commish in my main league an i solved all problems by not letting people vote i take pride in knowing that if i see a trade go out an it is complete bullshit i will call the people involved an find out there reason on the trade but i had this happen in other leagues where people will lobby for people to vote against perfectly fair trades because the bettering of a team they are playing that week or what not an it worked so i stopped all that an took the goodell approach... it has worked out just fine an trades generally never even get looked at
  6. Junebug101

    Jeremy Maclin

    i got maclin in a couple of leagues... in my money league he will start at least on more week i have gordon coming back but i think he is a solid wr 3 with 2 upside he never is going to have huge back to back scoring weeks becuz he not the vertical threat in the offense he just kinda does an edelman type role catch passes an keeps the chains... though i will say this he is the number one threat through the air for an nfl team so he has to be owned
  7. Junebug101

    Players Worthy of Top Trade?

    do not move jones the system an schedule an talent align iv'e preached all preseason this guy is my sneak pick at top ten wr status an he is doing just that... plus i love benjamin( also drafted him ) an evans so those three alone i think can win a league i would move julio his name alone can get an elite running back pair him with a lessor back an grab zeke or someone around that level...most people will see julio an jump all over it
  8. Junebug101

    Stafford or Brady ?

    it may sound ridiculous... here me out but i am thinking of trading for tom brady i have russell wilson and stafford tom brady owner has brady an rodgers were both 0-3... his team is putrid mine has scored well but the guys i am playing are just going off on me... but i like stafford this year an i have marvin jones too there schedule is ridiculously easy but its angry brady... So i guess who do like from week 4 out an be honest stafford is like number three in points with cupcakes all over the schedule..???
  9. Junebug101

    Loyal Fleener owners unite

    I personally hope fleener blows his knee out bridgewater style an then snaps his Achilles on the foot the next week after surgery... i owned this piece of trash an he produced like 3 points for me then i drop him... guy im playing last week throws him in an i lose by 5 an i am 0-3
  10. Junebug101

    My Own MNF F U thread

    here we go FU New Orleans defense FU Atlanta defense FU Coby fleener FU Drew f'n Brees FU Mark Ingram FU Sean Payton FU Atlanta defensive Coordinator FU Atlanta Coach-Scrub FU Arthur Blatt I miss anyone So i was up 60 going into Monday night... an i dropped fleener last week...use your imagination
  11. Junebug101

    WTF is the deal with the Raiders and L. Murry?

    This is the same situation as lamar miller last year if he got his touches he made for a good play that week but then he would get 10 -12 touches it was ridiculous
  12. Junebug101

    Le'Veon Bell owners...

    1-2 hopefully up by 60 tonight but an he has ingram brees and fleener...but had AP also R.Wilson Watkins Ertz so i had rough 2 weeks plus i played guys that scored over 145 in .5 ppr
  13. Junebug101

    Trade Marvin Jones

    i like jeffery this year if he stays healthy i have no doubt he will be a top 10 receiver...if... he is also in a contract year an guys want to get paid so that will help... but the whole preseason i bought stocks of marvin jones think he ends up a top ten this year based on the offense an schedule so... to answer your question i technically would move him for jeffery but i think your fine with jones becuz i have both an feel good about it...
  14. Junebug101

    Qb "?" Stafford or Wilson

    i like stafford think it is a shootout an i also have marvin jones starting an the guy i am playing would have jimmy g starting at tight end... 0-2 right now need a dub with bell coming back next week need get on a roll what do you guys think
  15. Junebug101

    The Dan Lebetard Show.

    I have to agree some of the stuff on this show is terrible but i caught myself dieing laughing this week when they were talking about tantric sex and when they going through all the web articles that stu reads an bookmarks