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  1. Is it possible to remove the custom 1, 2, and 3 columns from off-notes and overall-notes tabs? I am not using these fields. I tried blanking out the "Custom 1" and other entries to no avail. They just extend the length unnecessarily. Thanks. Rank Tier Player Team Bye FF Pts ADP-12 Custom 1 Custom 2 Custom 3 Notes, Latest News
  2. kherren

    Auction: Max Bid Amount

    Hi, after I ran "Compile Cheatsheets" the max values showed up. I hadn't done that yet as I was waiting for all of our league teams to declare their keepers. One other question. We won't know the team nomination order until draft day. If you change the nomination order on the owners page what must be done in order to pick up that change? Thanks.
  3. kherren

    Auction: Max Bid Amount

    Hello, using draft buddy for a 12 team auction league with $250 cap per team. On the "offense" tab the max bid for every player is $3. Also, on the "overall" tab the max bid is $1 for every player. Anyone know why or how to fix this? Thanks.