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  1. chochoking

    Trade Away Rob Gronkowski TE - NE

    I agree, I'm not losing much and Mack is a good RB2 ... Thanks
  2. 12man/ Standard/QB/RB/RB/WR/WR/TE/Flex Record 7-4 C. Newton I. Crowell N. Chubb A. Collins L. Murray J. Richard M. Evans A. Green J. Edelman J. Ross J. Reynolds R. Gronkowski J. Heuerman I was offer Marlon Mack RB - IND for Rob Gronkowski TE - NE Should I do it? I feel like Gronk has not help me in any way this season and that I can get by streaming TE and A RB2 is a grab
  3. chochoking

    Ingram/Scantling For Ertz!

    who's ur TE now? Too much, but after yesterday game, thats the cost... I would pass on that ... U need the depth
  4. chochoking

    Trade Away James White RB - NE For AJ Green

    I ended up trading Allen Robinson WR - CHI for Isaiah Crowell RB - NYJ (Bilal Powell placed on injured)
  5. chochoking

    Trade Away James White RB - NE For AJ Green

    Everybody is going to want Edelman and Miller for a RB ... What's Edelman value? Thanks a million ... I really was nervous on this trade ... at least I get to use White 1 more week, with no Gronk on offense and No Mack on def ....Yay
  6. chochoking

    Trade Away James White RB - NE For AJ Green

    I'm 4-2 and I just accepted trade, Chubb and white have the same bye and I have people in my league that was interested in Evans for J.Howard or D.Johnson ... so I know I can package something with him, If need be. But I'm thinking like you ... I want to hold Evans and AJ and get Rid of Miller. packaging Edelman or Allen Robinson , L Miller for a better Rb
  7. chochoking

    Trade Away James White RB - NE For AJ Green

    a lot of people in my league like M.Evans for RB ... so I won't mind doing that now
  8. chochoking

    Trade Away James White RB - NE For AJ Green

    see thats what i was thinking, that I could flip any of mY WR after that for a better RB than white ... I will have more WR trade options ... but I also feel that White is unique in that he has the same amount of targets and receptions as Green PLUS the rush attempts and yds that green won't offer ... IDK but I don't want him to change his mind and rescind trade
  9. Trade Away 12man/ Standard/QB/RB/RB/WR/WR/TE/Flex C. Newton J. Flacco J. White L. Murray L. Miller N. Chubb J. Richard M. Evans A. Robinson M. Goodwin J. Edelman R. Gronkowski I was offer AJ Green for James White Should I do it?
  10. chochoking

    Drop collins for Chubb in ppr?

    Drop Olsen
  11. chochoking

    Ridley or Josh Gordon this week?

    If Mack don't play ... J Gordon
  12. chochoking

    Brees or Dalton

  13. chochoking

    Drop Wilson

    I would trade a QB for what you need, but u don't need 3 so use it to your benefit ... I would trade for Wilson
  14. chochoking

    Colts or the Jags defense

  15. chochoking

    Unsure of this trade i just did under duress

    I would of done it ... but then Trade away 1 of those QBs and Cook for an upgraded RB or WR