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  1. bobjay00

    Who to keep: D. Henry or Carson?

    WEEPAWS...You will be missed. God Bless and Good Luck
  2. bobjay00

    RB Help in draft

    That is either wishful thinking (3rd/4th rds) or you know your league members very well. Adams/Hopkins then Conner. Then you have to WAIT to get 3 & 4. So, if any of these are there I would go, Freeman & KAllen or Fournette & Hilton. Keeping in mind this is a 10 team league the players I mentioned are likely to be there as well as the ones you want. My dilema is I have the 3rd pick in a 12 team PPR. My wishful thinking for rounds 1-4 are ELLIOT, M.EVANS, K.ALLEN AND M.GORDON or Z.ERTZ. Any advise? and GOOD LUCK
  3. bobjay00

    RB Help in draft

    Please explain your league's dynamics. 1 QB, 2 or 3 RBs or 2/3 WRs etc??? First, who do u think you are getting with your first pick? With your 2nd pick IF he is there, take Conner. What about your 3rd pick? I cannot imagine Freeman or Jones being there in the 4TH. I guess your 1st and 3rd picks will be top WRs? GO EAGLES
  4. bobjay00

    Need advice for picking from 4th spot

    I would consider, ELLIOT, DJOHNSON OR CHUBB before Mahomes (1.8 to 1.12). There is a good amount of QBs with 3rd to 7th round grades and taking a chance on one of them is better than not taking a chance on one of those RBs IMO GO S
  5. bobjay00

    Jordan Howard

    I am a Philly native and here are my thoughts... Howard and Sanders could be another version of Thunder & Lightening. Sanders has issues with fumbles so I don't think he will start off as a 3 down back Howard has caused some stir with his pass catching abilities. If Sanders puts the rock on the ground his carries/catches will dwindle Howard is a more physical runner than Sanders and Eagles coaches (Duce Staley) love that attribute IMO by mid-season if he does well, Sanders will turn Howard into a goal line/short yardage back and occassional sub. GO s
  6. bobjay00

    Help with First Two Picks

    I'd go Zeke, Freeman, Bell, Fournette, Montgomery, Jacobs in that order when your picks come around, depending on who is still there. If you have first crack at these RBs then the first 2. GO s
  7. bobjay00

    Trade(keeper league) updated offer

    Go for it! Why do you have 4 QBs and where are your WRs. Explain your league, please
  8. bobjay00

    At the 5 pick

    MIXON! He IS their Offense
  9. bobjay00

    Who to keep: D. Henry or Carson?

    No brainer -CARSON
  10. bobjay00

    Advice needed

    If you can start 3 RBs get McCaffrey if only Start 2 RBs grab Hopkins GO 'S
  11. bobjay00

    Trade Offer

  12. bobjay00

    Make the trade??

    I agree with Weepaws. Besides AB is kryptonite. He can't be happy on a non-playoff team. As it stands now AJones (I like Cook better) would not start for you. After Brown, who else does he have? Offer him Kittle and a low end WR for a stud WR not named Brown.
  13. bobjay00

    Advice needed

    Devonte Adams or Hopkins. The 3 RBs are solid, so compliment them with a top 3 WR. You will not get a top WR with your 2nd pick.
  14. bobjay00

    You will “reach for” ?

  15. bobjay00

    Need help: Most competitive league settings?

    For Football I use CBSSPORTSLINE. They have a ridiculous amount of Offensive and Defensive options. You can set it up anyway you want. GO EAGLES