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  1. bobjay00

    What is up with Gaskin?

    Thanks for the responses but I already saw all of that. That is why I posted because it tells me nothing. Today they mentioned on CBSSports that he is progressing well but no timetable has been set for his return. I am down Carson, Mixon, Gaskin, while Hyde came back and I picked up Ahmed those 2 helped me get to 6-5. My team; WILSON, HENRY, AHMED, FULLER, CHARK, METCALF, CROWDER, SCHULTZ, CARLSON, RAVENS. Wait, I just acquired RIDLEY for CARSON/HYDE. Now I really need Gaskin/Mixon. I don't like 2 & 4. I Like 3 RBs & 3 WRs. My team should get better going forward. Thanks for the help.
  2. bobjay00

    What is up with Gaskin?

    Has anybody heard anything on MYLES GASKIN? I cannot find an update other than "...available week 12" Thanks for the expected help. Go Eagl.. uhh never mind
  3. bobjay00

    Which wr to keep?

    I agree with Weepaws
  4. bobjay00

    Need 2 WR

    For 1 pt PPR...Allen & Lockett, it is his turn to shine, right
  5. bobjay00

    Zeke Trade Market?

    Hope this helps...full PPR. I just traded ELLIOTT & AIYUK (love him but..) for T. HENRY & C. KIRK (been red hot) My team Wilson, Henry, Carson, Gaskins, Metcalf, Crowder, Hopkins, Hooper, Koo & Ravens I don't think it will hurt me, but who knows I am still just 3-4 So is the team with Henry struggling? Good Luck.
  6. bobjay00

    Trade Targets for CEH? Or, don't trade?

    Find the Gordon owner and offer him Lindsay and CEH for his WR#1 if he doesn't have one u like go after Metcalf. If this a PPR league look for a WR target hog. If not PPR look for a TD hog like Mike Evans. You NEED an upgrade at WR 1/2. Good luck and let us know how u did.
  7. bobjay00

    Thomas+ for DK+?

    Your getting 2 starting WRs, a big upgrade at QB, and 2 solid TEs. The future is bright for all of these players. What's not to like? This WILL work in your favor. GOOD LUCK
  8. bobjay00

    1 Pt PPR Help?

    Smith and Parker for me
  9. bobjay00

    I'm serious....Drop Lamar for Carr ROS?

    Does your league have Trading? Do u have any other needs? Jackson should have high trade value and there are probably QB needy teams in your league. With all that said, I would keep him! Things will improve. Good luck
  10. bobjay00

    Which QB?

    You have the matchups wrong, but Rodgers either way
  11. bobjay00

    JT/Henry Trade

    You should have done it already. Henry is matchup proof and who would u rather have Henry or Taylor - Woods or Andrews ?? Both are no-brainers
  12. bobjay00

    Michael Thomas update???

    Good viewpoint TECHLC2112. That makes a lot of sense. I have Thomas in 2 leagues and I am lucky enough to have Trequan Smith in both.
  13. bobjay00

    BIG trade help please

  14. bobjay00

    WR Pick Up Help with Godwin out??

    I know I am late to the party, but I would go w/ P. Campbell
  15. bobjay00

    Good Trade? or not

    Just traded JuJu for C. Carson - 1 pt PPR for RBs/.5 Pt for WRs. My WRs are AJGreen, Metcalf, Evans, Shanault & S. Sims. RBs are now Elliot, Gordon, Carson, Ingram I can start 3 & 3 or 2 & 4