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  1. Silver lining, Cooper can finally get his hamstring healed that he's been playing on since Wk 4 and we can use him for the stretch run.
  2. Hair McNair

    C Edwards Helaire

    They like to sprinkle in McKinnon in consistently too. 50/35/15 CEH/DWilliams/McK. Nobody will be too happy with that.
  3. Hair McNair

    Elijah Mitchell: Sell High?

    Prolly talking about Trent Cannon. SF claimed him too. Going to be a mess. "Can you believe that one year I spent my entire budget on Elijah Mitchell???" Future fantasy lament.
  4. Hair McNair

    Ryan Succop

    Buy, then sell for $.50c on the dollar, then buy at full price.
  5. Hair McNair

    Joe Buck in the HOF? WTF?

    That was a bizarre "ceremony" to say the least. I think the one guy said the new park/installation in Canton "is the most inspirational place in the world" or some nonsense.
  6. Hair McNair

    Chubb or Carson

    Yesterday, Hunt got most of his carries late in the game vs. a tired defense. Of course his YPC will look nice. Chubb did the heavy lifting. This is not to say that hunt is bad.
  7. Hair McNair

    What have we learned from week 1?

  8. Hair McNair

    Fournette to Bucs

    Bucs need to release McCoy and his "role". Go with RoJo 65% and Len 35%. McCoy blew a block or two. What use is he? He can't play anymore. Arians is trying to build the archetype perfect SB team with dudes in their "roles". But he is blowing it. Play the guys who can play.
  9. Hair McNair

    Chubb/Hunt, this oughtta be good..........................

    I said it would be about 65% Chubb and 35% Hunt. Touches were 22 Chubb and 11 Hunt.
  10. Hair McNair

    Chubb/Hunt, this oughtta be good..........................

    They got him bc they could get him on a min contract and get a pick when he leaves via free agency (if he doesn't get suspended again). They bought a draft pick on the cheap, in other words.
  11. Hair McNair

    Chubb/Hunt, this oughtta be good..........................

    In fact, I did say his stats will be reduced.
  12. Hair McNair

    Chubb/Hunt, this oughtta be good..........................

    You are not thinking about this correctly. You would not reduce Chubb' s number by 35%. You would split the combined workload by a 65%:35% ratio. Chubb has played 73% of snaps so far. So deduct 8% from what he has not 35%, hence he drops from top 5 or so to low RB1.
  13. Hair McNair

    Chubb/Hunt, this oughtta be good..........................

    One issue that has not been mentioned I don't think is contract status. Chubb is on a rookie contract. Hunt is a restricted free agent after this year. Doubt CLE wants to burn Chubb's confidence/attitude by relegating him for a guy who might only be there for eight games. In the end, it will probably be somewhere in the middle for the rest of this season, 65%:35% in Chubb's favor. Just enough as a Chubb owner to be annoying and drop him from top 5/6 RB status to low RB1. Hunt will have a good game or two just b/c of variance but won't be a confident flex.
  14. Hair McNair

    Julio Jones

    And you can't totally be wrong when you only say 'unlikely'. Obv nothing is guaranteed. All one can do is use real analysis and make plays. Looks like I had a clue regarding Julio.