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  1. Detwa

    Excel problem

    A simple click on "Full Screen" solves the problem...
  2. Detwa

    Excel problem

    I have lost the DraftBuddy tabs at the bottom of my Excel sheet! How do I get them back???
  3. Detwa


  4. Detwa


    I have Excell 2000. Previously when opening Draft Buddy, I used to get the message "Do you want to enable macros?". Now, this year, I don't! What can I do?
  5. Detwa

    Incorrect player/team combinations.

    OK! I see I,m working with 1.1 and not 2.1 -- I'll fix that...
  6. My Draft Buddy some incorrect player/team combinations. For example, RB Trent Richardson is listed for IND and he is now with Oakland. This may not affect his projections but the buy week could cause a problem in your drafting choices.
  7. Detwa

    Cheatsheet question

    I've located this before but can't seem to find it now! How is the "Value" column calculated? and how best to use this calculation?
  8. Detwa

    2004 Football Compiler

    My league awards additional points for exceeding specific yardages milestones -- for passing, running and receiving. It also awards more points for non standard touchdowns -- e.g. a TD resulting from a QB run or reception. Is there anyway to incorporate this into the cheatsheet?