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    Final Results

    did david johnson topped it last year ? David Johnson
  2. JoeP

    I miss my dead gay Kickass Torrents

    Is there any torrent that is any close to KAT? I came across rutracker but the website seems too cluttered not sure if can even search any torrents? and the website is also in russia but I heard it even has some rare old movies as well. As of now I feel seventorrents or Yify torrents works best for movies.
  3. JoeP

    OKay anyone interested in another year?

    It is getting difficult each month to keep up with fantasy. Any how I keep trying to at least put some into it.
  4. JoeP

    Cord cutters...anyone use MObdro?

    True, but Kodi itself is not considered illegal, but I have come across a lot of sources stating Mobdro as illegal due to live streams from popular broadcasters. But yeah Mobdro is great!
  5. Was just wondering for how long with these cord cutting apps keep up with the authorities who are there just to scrape every penny we have!
  6. And you thought there are things which comes as free lunch ? lol