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    Trade Advice

    Thanks for the advice. You can only activate 2 running backs. The problem I have is my 2nd receiver is very weak, but I always take a rb in the first round (Regardless of what I have) so going away from that model is tough for me. But Keenan adds a ton of value to my wr position. The person that proposed the trade has the #2 pick in the draft so he has offered his 2nd round pick, not first.
  2. guinmann

    Trade Advice

    We have a dynasty league, PPR Our second draft is tonight and I have #1 pick. It is a dynasty league so many of the top players are gone. No rookies taken yet. I have: Aaron Rodgers Ezekiel Elliot David Johnson AJ Green Kelvin Benjamin Obviously my second receiver is weak but my team is pretty stacked. I have offers for Saquon Barkley (Which I can take at #1) Should I trade him for Keenan Allen to round out my starters? Should I trade him for Amari Cooper and the 10th pick? Or should I just keep the pick for extra insurance for my running back position?