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    Playoff flex advice needed

    So full point ppr , Goodwin or Zac Moss. Dotson is out there but facing SF. Thanks for any insight
  2. Meatscarf

    Gross I know but……

    Fighting for playoff life , do I start D Harris or Allegier this week . Full point ppr . Thanks , crapshoot , Td dependent , I get it but if someone has a hunch / gut feeling it could be the push I need
  3. Meatscarf

    Gross I know but……

    I was leaning that way , thanks fellas
  4. Meatscarf

    Lineup advice week 7

    So I have Waddle, Sutton in my lineup . I have Gallup on my bench with a tasty matchup vs Detroit . Should I put Gallup in for Waddle ( dinged up , not 100% if he goes) or Sutton with Rypien at Qb . Waddle doesn’t play until 8:00 tonite so might have to grab Cedrick Wilson as next man up there in case Waddle sits . Thanks
  5. Meatscarf

    Lineup advice please

    Pick 2 to start in ppr league for me Waller vs KC Mostert vs Jets JWilliams vs NE
  6. Meatscarf

    Atl Rb’s

    I have a draft later today and wondering who the rb to roster in Atl? Patterson? Allegier? Not great offense I know , thanks
  7. Meatscarf

    Pick 7 ppr

    Looks like I ‘ll be choosing between Henry and Cook in this 12 team league . Is King Henry a no brainer or am I right in thinking of going with Cook
  8. Meatscarf

    Pick 7 ppr

    I’m being told it’s going JT, CMAC, Jefferson, Kupp, Ekeler, maybe Chase @6
  9. Meatscarf

    Value of Schultz vs. Jeudy/Toney

    You should be trying to land a Rb with one of those wrs, just grab a TE flyer for the week
  10. Meatscarf

    6th pick in 10 teamer

    So I feel like I took best player available , I hate letting stud wrs get paired up with the stud rbs . Rbs went like hot cakes so I took what was staring at me no matter about need . What do you guys think? Qb-Allen Rbs-Gaskin, Hunt, Mostert,Jamaal Williams, Stephenson, McKinnon . Wrs- Adams,Diggs,AJ Brown, Cooks, Gage Te-Hockenson, Goerdart
  11. Meatscarf

    Received Trade Offer-Ekeler for Carson/Hardman

    Get it done , accept
  12. Meatscarf

    6th pick in 10 teamer

    Your team is solid , GL
  13. Meatscarf

    6th pick in 10 teamer

    I’m trying to get ahead of Goedart getting the job all to himself , a 6th wr or another shitty RB didn’t interest me , that’s all I’m saying
  14. Meatscarf

    6th pick in 10 teamer

    A second TE is kinda necessary until you see how involved they are IMO , if Goedart gets 7 catches in week one then I won’t be high enough on waiver wire to snag him if needed. If he gets 3 catches I drop him and snag someone who is more involved on another team . If I ever use McKinnon or Stephenson its because they are the clear #1 due to injuries but I’m not banking on them . Trades are tough to come by because every team in a 10 teamer is good on paper. I’m comfortable living in Scat Back City , I just never expected guys to take rbs 3 out of 4 rounds . I mean James Robinson, Mike Davis were drafted as #3 rbs before AJ Brown . Oh well. Thanks for input, as I always say “ the only draft that matters is the one your doing” . You don’t always benefit from doing a bunch of mock drafts
  15. Meatscarf

    6th pick in 10 teamer

    Hope so
  16. Meatscarf

    Tips for 11th pick in 12 team PPR

    Rbs get thin quick, you need at least one out of your first 2 picks. If you can get 2 , believe me , the draft will be more comfortable going forward .Gl
  17. Meatscarf

    lets talk aj brown

    I got him at 35 overall in ppr league. 10 teamer ….. he’s my 3rd wr
  18. Meatscarf

    6th pick in 10 teamer

    It is full point ppr and Qbs get 6 points per td
  19. Meatscarf

    SB need help

    TY or ODB in .5 Ppr. Need something/someone to sway me
  20. Meatscarf

    Is this a suicide mission??

    Pick 11 in 12 team redraft . Ppr and QBs gets 6 pts for Td passes. Am I losing my mind ?? I might go Kelce/Mahomes. I will have top players at 2 positions. I know Qb is deep and there’s value but his offense has only become more explosive. Thoughts welcomed
  21. Meatscarf

    Is this a suicide mission??

    I don’t think I made a mistake, I agree that your backfield is garbage , meaning you must have taken a better QB and TE than I did or at least earlier. Don’t waste your waiver claim until there’s an injury to a starting rb and then you can benefit from someone not handcuffing their stud RBs . Good luck
  22. Meatscarf


    Conner at 5, and make sure to get Samuels a little later for handcuff. Every draft is different so have a 2nd rd RB cutoff. Say Mixon. WRs are Allen/Thielen there. I like Carson and Freeman as 3rd rd RBs personally
  23. Meatscarf

    Is this a suicide mission??

    Thanks for the insight fellas
  24. Meatscarf

    Is this a suicide mission??

    Carson at 3.11 and Edelman at 4.2..... took Carson over Monty and Jones then they went back to back so I took Edelman for my flex instead of filling my other starting Rb spot with the likes of Ingram, Mack, White,Coleman,Gordon or Ekeler
  25. Meatscarf

    Is this a suicide mission??

    Well, draft is over and I chickened out . This is my squad from the 11 spot in a 12 team redraft Ppr . 2rbs,2wrs, 1Te, 1Qb, and 1 flex..... Rivers, Carson, Sanders,Breida,Hunt, Harris(NE), Brown( Rams), Guice, Thomas,ODB,Edelman, Scantling, McDonald at TE. Overall happy with team , need some RBs to work out but that’s what happens when you wait on RBs