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  1. devilwoman

    2022 $$$ - Unconfirmed

    yes I am in...please apply any 2022 payouts to 2023 and let me know what I owe.
  2. devilwoman

    Nasty Bucks

    Thank you....Gypsybrat...I think I may be in too many leagues.... having trouble remembering all the rules to all the leagues.
  3. devilwoman

    Nasty Bucks

    So just so I remember, each team has $100 for the year for waivers, is that correct? When FA run is over is it FCFS for getting players???
  4. devilwoman

    2022 draft comments

    ok, that was very clever and hilarious!!
  5. devilwoman

    2022 draft comments

    Sorry to everyone....jesus, forgot the draft started today. I suck and sorry for holding everyone up. I thought it started on Monday.
  6. devilwoman

    2022 Draft

    Looks good to me
  7. devilwoman

    Proposed changes for 22 season

    I would vote for the following: 1. Realignment - yes, its good to shake things up a bit....would move top divisional winners in a rotational manner at end of each season. Example: winner in Marino division would move to Elway, Elway to Montana and Montana to Marino. Keeps the divisions fresh...? Thoughts? 2. I would vote to swap the 2nd RB position to a flex position.
  8. devilwoman

    2022 fees

    Paypal sent 7/19/22 8:08am Dream Wrecker
  9. devilwoman

    When Drafting

  10. devilwoman

    When Drafting

    When drafting do you have to pick (R) or can you pick any player available in addition to (R)?? No mention in the rules for this league.
  11. devilwoman

    2022 dues

    Who do we pay and how much?
  12. devilwoman


  13. Super fun Pirate league looking for an owner. Most unique League I have ever played in. Check out the forum here https://forums.thehuddle.com/forum/255-black-sails/ It's two separate divisions set aboard the Flying Dutchman and the Black Pearl. 8 teams per ship. Each ship plays and drafts separately. There is pillaging and plundering and a wildly fabulous time. Talking with a pirate dialect is smiled upon but not necessary. Arrrrr me matties, navigate to the forum, reeeeeed th' Pirate Code and send up a signal ifn ya dare to set sail with the likes of us scurvy dawgs. I be the ORre'gon RumRunners, will put ye in touch with th' captn of the Pearl and ye can parley a deal from there. Ye never seen th likes of a league such as this in all the seas yev sailed.
  14. devilwoman

    Rule Change Vote