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  1. devilwoman

    Week 5: The thrilla in da chilla

    felt fine....losses don't effect me....
  2. devilwoman

    Week 5: The thrilla in da chilla

  3. devilwoman

    Not a good day for the Neckbeards

    ...what are you some kind of clairvoyant how could you possibly know Etienne would get hurt or Chase may be an abuser...or that Robby would get extended...man I cannot wait to play you...
  4. devilwoman

    2021 Draft Discussion

    Looks like they are unlocked on the 7th...but not sure when the first run is....
  5. devilwoman

    Randall Cobb

    You sure you don't want Cobb?? He is Aaron Rodgers guy...he could have a crazy season....
  6. Hey falcoooooooon...dude what's up with your QB situation....
  7. Soooooo, when a women comes into the fold, you all blind fold yourselves, slather on the ky and invite a burro....nice, this should be fun to watch...
  8. so which one his his team? El Padrino?
  9. I'm sure I will...very soon...
  10. Soooooo which team is falcon's
  11. ok....lol...thanks guys....hmmmmmm, Hunt was worth it...but Cam is trash...ok....good to know all, thanks again.
  12. Hey kutulu...what did Porn Dr trade you for his 3rd round pick, I can't seem to bring up trades from Porn.