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    First year of Keeper league (Need Help !)

    I’d go with Micheal Thomas, Antonio Brown, and Mixon.
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    Help Me Pick Keepers

    I am in an eight person standard scoring league where we each keep four players. I know it's early to pick keepers because a lot can happen in the offseason, but I can trade whoever I'm not keeping to someone in need of a keeper. As the offseason goes on, the value of the players seems to go down when trying to trade them. Out of these five players, which four should I keep? Saquon Barkley - Definitely Keeping Alvin Kamara James Conner Deandre Hopkins Davante Adams I think it could be good to keep all three running backs and then Hopkins because running backs are harder to come by and they usually score more points. On the other hand, Hopkins and Adams could both be top three receivers next year so I think keeping them both could be good. Let me know what you think! Thanks