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    Tinder - chick meeting app UPDATED

    That is exactly the reason why I don't like online dating apps. If you're looking for a relations - then it is totally fine. However, let's face it, 99.9% of guys are there to find a girl to have a sex with. So, why would you spend time/money on random girls, who still don't guarantee 100% sex at the end. That is why it is better to use special escort services like https://5eroticdreams.com/. Believe me guys, all girls there are f*cking awesome and super hot. Plus, they work worldwide.
  2. soap94

    Anyone know how to make a .svg file?

    As far as I know, svg can be opened in any Autodesk products https://procadeng.com/store/autodesk-autocad-civil-3d-2019/ You can try this one. It should be working fine for you.
  3. soap94

    Adobe photoshop

    You can get adobe photoshop cs6 oem license for relatively low price right now. Highly recommended.
  4. soap94

    Internet speed test

    Well, it is a well-know site, but the only drawback, it doesn't show a lot of information. For example, if I have a website, I can't test the performance and do website speed test. Apart of that, it is a good website.
  5. soap94

    Freezer or Ice Box

    High - quality freezer is way better. Especially if you're travelling or have to buy a professional equipment. For example, check the stock here http://ianboer.com.au there are so many professional items which can be used whether at bar, restaurant or coffee shop. But also some of them might be used at home.