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  1. Pinesprings

    Instant Fantasy Analysis - QB Patrick Mahomes II, Chiefs

    Tough Crowd......
  2. Pinesprings


    Drake predictions for this week ? I have him in over Hunt right now in ppr league. Drake at seattle Hunt vs Baltimore
  3. Pinesprings

    Wind This Weekend

    Hmmmm i have sunny, high 63 with 10-20 mph nw winds for Badgley in LA hate the winds but can't start FAIR_BEAR in Nashville in Showers in Thunderstorms high 51 and 10mph east winds.
  4. Pinesprings

    Mahomes in the 3rd round?

    guy in our league took mahomes at 2:4 and finished as #2 seed. Played Russel Wilson about 60 percent of the season. bounced week 1 of playoffs. no winnings
  5. Pinesprings

    Does weather forecast sway your decisions

    looks a little soggy
  6. Pinesprings

    Derwin James/ Chargers defense

    Ughhhh, I was expecting all of this talent to play better at Denver. Now they are at Jags who have mailed it in but are starting Minchew magic. I think no matter who i choose as Defense I'm in trouble this week. Starting Chargers at this point. They got safety Adrian Phillips off IR too. geez, a lot of talent to be this lame.
  7. How will Josh Allen do vs Jimmy Smith Marcus Peters and Earl Thomas. Pretty stout secondary
  8. Pinesprings

    Chubb/Hunt, this oughtta be good..........................

    Oh and its week 1 of the fantasy football playoffs. The Browns play the Bengals. Hopefully Hunt does well vs them. he will be my #2 rb this week. pressure ramped up. No bye in this league. You must win 3 straight to take it down. 14 man league, I'm #2 seed. yikes. go hunt
  9. Pinesprings

    James White....what is the obsession?

    He finally erupted and won you a week in fantasy football. It took 13 weeks but by golly he did it. lol, fit that man in a gold jacket.
  10. Pinesprings

    Derwin James/ Chargers defense

    Just read on rotoworld James is to return this week. He practiced all week but is expected to be limited vs Broncos. My point in posting this is I have been riding the Bills defense all year and they have been above average but the playoffs start next week. Week 14 and the Bills play Lamar Jackson n Company and I'm afraid the odds are against the Bills defense leaving me a nice stat line when it is win or go home. Thinking I may pick up the Chargers with Bosa and now James who play at Jacksonville Week 14 which is round 1 of Playoffs. Just thought i would share as its possible some of you may be in the same boat.
  11. Pinesprings

    Damian Williams injury update?

    8 man league?
  12. Pinesprings

    James White....what is the obsession?

    I do not trust the rankings in James White case. Obviously
  13. Pinesprings

    James White....what is the obsession?

    scored 1point in ppr vs Cowboys, barely on the field. And ranked #15 rb this week. High end #2rb Sorry guys, Im beating this horse as long as i want. Makes zero sense. guy has 2 tds in 12 weeks and Burkhead and Sony play much more..... Any of you avid Defenders still on board with this pos???
  14. Pinesprings

    Deebo Samuel

    I would agree with that. Seems like Deebo has carved out a little role regardless. 2 hundred yard games now 2-50 and a td. Not sure he was even targeted in 2nd half. guy has breakaway speed and Sanders seems to be hobbled with rib
  15. Pinesprings

    Deebo Samuel

    really.....tyler boyd said that? Thats great...maybe the squeaky wheel gets the whatever??? I watched last weeks game where he was shunned like a red headed step child. Glad he has a pulse and gives a S because it was lackadaisical 101 vs the raiders. I may play boyd over deebo since it is a SNF game and no backups if he is out.