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  1. armchair_QB

    Is Antonio Brown a keeper this season?

    Appreciate all the feedback. Evaluating all these factors is what makes this tough. People say the Raiders will force feed AB the ball, sure that’s true and I agree, but they don’t really have any other weapons either, so defenses will be all over him. On the other hand the Browns and OBJ have a lot more weapons now, so teams won’t be able to focus solely on him. That could open things up a lot more. Remember they also get Hunt back after suspension. The suggestion to trade Beckham for an RB was interesting though, I’m now considering it. Or simply to find someone who still values AB as elite.
  2. armchair_QB

    Is Antonio Brown a keeper this season?

    The only other player I’m keeping is OBJ (and potentially Brown). My RB situation wasn’t good so there’s nobody worth considering at the position. My apprehension is that since we can keep 4, there will be a bit less top end talent in the early rounds, so is it worth having 2 WR out of the gate and trusting him in the Raiders offense? Also if I decide against it, he could still be there to draft if there’s nobody else I value more as best available.
  3. Yes on paper it seems pretty cut and dry that he would be. The latest mock I saw still has him going in the 2nd round.. but evaluating my particular situation I’ve been going back and forth on this. I own him in a 10-team PPR league (we can keep up to 4) but I also have OBJ who I’m definitely keeping. AB’s stats are projected to decrease and I don’t know if I fully trust Carr and the Raiders offense. The AFC West will be tough, which could lead to problems with chemistry and in the locker room as we all know he’s not shy about about showing his frustrations. Thoughts on this? Would love to get other opinions.