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  1. Everybody Relax!!! It’s been one week. Belicheck always shifts him game plan from game to game so Michel could run for 150 yds and 2 TD’s- it absolutely will happen throughout the season, just incredibly difficult to predict with the Pats. The Steelers loaded up to stop the run last week and that worked. Unfortunately for them the GOAT his thing. Move him to your flex- and breathe easy

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  2. 12 hours ago, stonewall said:

    Congrats on getting Mahomie in the 3rd....you got lucky. Your leaguemates are foolish to have let him fall that far.

    I, too, think that you will struggle mightily with your WR's. We just don't know how the AB experiment is gonna work out in Oakland, so I would have grabbed Carson or D. Williams there instead (unless Kelce was still around, which he probably wasn't), and then came back with some Lockett/M. Williams/C. Samuel/E Sanders types later on....then Mecole Hardman super late, to pair with Mahomie. That will be an unstoppable combo if/when Hill gets injured or suspended. You did snag Devante Parker late, so you do have a potential value there.

    Duke Johnson will be productive if they let him have the reins this year, and the Sony/Kamara/Duke combo is a potentially good one. Like I said earlier, I think you probably needed one more high upside RB like a Carson, D Will, Henry, or Montgomery. I also think potential disaster is lurking if Kamara goes down. Someone probably sniped him, but Latavius Murray is a MUST handcuff for Kamara owners imo.

    Gonna be a challenge, but you have Mahomie and Kamara leading the way, which will carry you through some weeks. Best of luck.

    For sure Wr’s are my weak point, but had to suffer somewhere by picking a QB that early, and I figured receivers are the easiest to find throughout the season 

  3. 12 hours ago, justforbeer said:

    Drafted at the 1 spot...similar outcome.

    1. Barkley
    2. Ertz
    3. Mahomes
    4. Jeffrey
    5. AJ Green
    6. Guice
    7. DD Westbrook
    8. Goff
    9. Big Ben
    10. G Bernard

    J Samuels, T Polard, Pats D, Zuerlein, G Tate & All Day.

    Would be fun to watch in comparison this year.


    Yeah very interesting. I will keep an eye on the similarities. Good luck brother!

  4. 14 hours ago, Marino is God said:

    Nice draft in a 12 team league.

    Kinda shocked that you'd be able to get Drew Brees at 11.2 in a 12 team league with 6 point TD passes!

    I think that WR is your weakest position but if you work the waiver wire you should be fine.

    Curious: Where was Saints WR Tre'quan Smith drafted, if at all?  He's my super sleeper pick at WR, BTW.


    Don’t think Trequan was drafted

  5. Well it’s done! Draft is over and I DID in fact draft Mahomes in the 3rd.overall pretty happy with the draft in my 12 man-snake draft. Here is how my team ended up, if any of you are considering the same strategy. Thanks to all for the great responses

    1.2  Kamara

    2.11 AB

    3.2 Mahomes

    4,11 Sony

    5.2 Duke

    6.11 DJ Moore

    7.2 Ekeler

    8.11 V McDonald

    9.2 Valdes-Scantling

    10.11 Corey Davis

    11.2 Brees

    12.11 Vikings D

    13.2 J Tucker

    14.11 Dion Lewis

    15.2 Davante Parker




  6. 1 hour ago, stonewall said:

    I guess what surprises me the most is that, with your leagues scoring rules, you expect Mahomie to be there at 3.2.

    I would consider that highway robbery. Do you also get 1 point/10 yards passing? My leagues are similar and even if I didn't draft him, he wouldn't get out of the 1st/early second rounds in any of them.

    If you are correct on your assumption of his availability in the 3rd, you are in an enviable position. Good luck.



  7. So the update after a few days on the board is roughly 55% no and 45% yes. Remember my original question was taking him in the third round 3.2 overall, and my league is 6 pts per TD pass and 3 point bonus on 50 yds+, I would never consider taking him I’m the first two rounds. With two weeks before the draft I believe I would take him, plenty of time to change my mind lol

  8. I have the number 2 overall pick in a 12 man snake draft. Our league gives 6 points for every TD pass, so QB’s are always the highest scorers in the league. I really want Mahomes (no- I don’t expect last year’s production), however after multiple mock drafts, he hasn’t made it back to once in the 4th round, so the question I pose to you is the 3rd round too early for Mahomes?