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  1. Auction Draft tonight at 8:15 EST. We need to fill one spot. Expanded Rosters: 1 QB 3RB 4WR 1 TE 2 DEF 1 K 6 Bench
  2. We as a group of 12 teams have been playing a keeper league for over 10 years. Sadly, one of our players develop cancer a couple of years ago and passed away this spring. We are in a need a solid player to fill his spot in the league. Its a really fun league, with all dictated player. The format is a little different with 3RB/4WR in your starting lineup every week. Auction Draft. The auction draft is this weekend, Sunday Night. Select 4 keepers at this price you purchased them in the previous draft. A different format for Roster: 1 QB 3RB 4WR 1 TE 2 DEF 1 K 6 Bench