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  1. gridirongoofs

    Patterson to IR

    You still believe in him? Do you still have him rostered?
  2. gridirongoofs

    QB Help

    It was Russell. I think Zach Wilson is available.
  3. gridirongoofs

    QB Help

    Haha no no no. I've been away from FFB for a few years. I'll keep coming to you. I do it to connect with my 19 year old son. I don't even watch the games.
  4. gridirongoofs

    QB Help

    Thanks to all of you. Went with Goff.
  5. gridirongoofs


    Dillon and both TEs
  6. gridirongoofs

    Flex help

    Take a chance on Zeke.
  7. gridirongoofs

    RB Waiver - full ppr

    Maybe this weekend with Patterson and Kamara questionable. Zeke hasn't really done much either. I got Herbert (Chi).
  8. gridirongoofs


  9. gridirongoofs

    QB Help

    And if he doesn't? I have Patterson.
  10. gridirongoofs

    QB Help

    Thanks. Those are the best in my humble opinion.... I'm not sure what OP stands for? Here a few more that are available... Jones, Mariota, Ryan, Trubisky, Fields, G. Smith, Tannehill.
  11. gridirongoofs

    QB Help

    Thank you both.
  12. gridirongoofs

    QB Help

    I have Wentz after Dak went down. Lawrence, Goff and Wilson are available. I don't mind streaming a QB from week to week. Any opinions? Haha I'm laughing because we are all full of opinions.
  13. gridirongoofs

    Full ppr - Choose 2

    With St. Brown out, pick 2 of 3. I'm not sure about the status of the corner on LA which would impact Cooks. I'm starting Evans. Cooks, C. Samuel, Doubs.
  14. gridirongoofs

    Chris Olave

    I did. He was available in my .5 ppr league. I have Thomas too Haha.