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  1. gridirongoofs

    Doubs or Spears PPR Flex

  2. My bad. I guess I read it too fast haha... Barkley. Good luck. Merry Christmas. Cheers.
  3. If Jacobs is out, Zamir for sure. I think they pull the upset Monday and crush a bunch of parlays. If not, Pacheco.
  4. gridirongoofs

    Waller or Henry?

    I changed my mind. Waller, not Henry.
  5. gridirongoofs

    Waller or Henry?

    Henry and Jones. Good luck. Merry Christmas to you both. Cheers.
  6. gridirongoofs

    TE 1/2 PPR Taysom or Schultz

    And we didn't get much oh well. Such is the life we choose to participate. Cheers.
  7. Tough one. Minshew. Good luck.
  8. gridirongoofs

    Likely or Taysom... ppr?

    Any thoughts? I'm feeling both actually... might be a win/win regardless of who I pick. Cheers.
  9. gridirongoofs

    who to start ppr

    Mayfield and Jones. Good luck.
  10. gridirongoofs

    TE 1/2 PPR Taysom or Schultz

    Taysom... what the hill. Good luck.
  11. gridirongoofs

    Half PPR, need 2. Swift, Henry, Reed

    I have Henry and agree with weepaws. I'd take a shot with Reed if it were my team. Good luck. Cheers.
  12. gridirongoofs

    Tough one for PPR - TE

    Can you play one at flex so they are both in your lineup?
  13. gridirongoofs

    Carr vs rams??

    O'Connell on a total gut feel. No logic. Good luck.
  14. gridirongoofs

    Denver or Clev (only if Stroud it out), thoughts?

    Nope. Gut feel... and I prefer home team defenses as my tiebreaker if they are close in my mind. Good luck with your decision. Cheers.