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  1. gridirongoofs

    Good luck to all

    Came up short this year for the playoffs. Thanks for all the support and education. See you next year
  2. gridirongoofs

    RB debacle

    Agree. If Walker plays, Pacheco.
  3. gridirongoofs

    Playoff help-Herbert or Tua and Pat F vs. Hochinson?

    Tua and Freirmuth
  4. gridirongoofs

    No Lamar

  5. gridirongoofs

    Wr & rb questions

  6. gridirongoofs

    WR help

    This. If Chase doesn't go, then Wilson.
  7. gridirongoofs

    Carr or Lawrence?

  8. gridirongoofs

    Tua or Watson?

    Does your answer change with both of his best tackles out today?
  9. gridirongoofs

    Full ppr flex?

    Makes sense. I didn't know it would be interpreted that way. Thanks for the awareness. I'm going with Zeke. In my other league, I'm starting Zeke and Barkley and have several of the same RBs so I thought I would save time and ask the way I did. Good luck today.
  10. gridirongoofs

    Full ppr flex?

    Whom do you like after Zeke?
  11. gridirongoofs

    Full ppr flex?

    My bad... posted in wrong forum hahaha Wilson @ SF Zeke vs Indy Patterson vs Pitt Pacheco @ Cincy Warren @ Atl Kamara @ TB
  12. gridirongoofs

    Full ppr flex?

    Wilson @ SF Zeke vs Indy Patterson vs Pitt Pacheco @ Cincy Warren @ Atl Kamara @ TB
  13. gridirongoofs

    Tua or Watson?

    It's funny how the rankings have Watson higher. I've been away for 2 years. I guess Watson used to be a fantasy monster, like Lamar was initially?
  14. gridirongoofs

    Need help on who to drop

  15. gridirongoofs

    QB filler

    Thanks man. I'm up 26. He has Murray and I have Hopkins