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  1. gridirongoofs

    Thoughts on Lineup?

    12 team ppr Starters Brissett, Julio, Hill, McLaurin, Carson, J. White, Knox and Cooper at flex. Bench Ekeler, Winston, Mike Williams, Miles Sanders, D. Johnson (pitt), C. Edmonds (I dropped Marlon Brown for Brissett) Philly and Dallas are the late game.. so if Cooper is a scratch, I'll just plug in Sanders as the flex.
  2. gridirongoofs

    Drop Delanie Walker for Hunter Henry?

    Yes on Ekeler. Matchup flex at best. Bummer too because I have him haha
  3. gridirongoofs

    Trade Advice

    I'm not most people. I'm just me. I don't even should on my kids. I shared my two cents based on what you asked.... that's all I can do. The rest is you, your gut, knowledge, intuition, etc.
  4. gridirongoofs

    Trade Advice

    I'm saying I wouldn't do the trade if you read above. I have no idea what you should or shouldn't do.
  5. gridirongoofs

    Trade Advice

    I'm no expert.... not even close... hahaha.. I don't see any value for you at all. I wouldn't do it if it were my team. Oh and I don't answer "should" questions
  6. gridirongoofs

    TE Advice ppr. Lost Dissly.

    I thought I read Luke Willson for Seattle? I don't follow it enough to know...
  7. gridirongoofs

    QB Streamer PPR league

    Winston is on bye. No penalty for INTs Minshew Jones Dalton Brissett Garappolo Flacco Stafford I'm leaning towards Jones only because of the matchup and he likes to run....I'm open though.
  8. gridirongoofs

    TE Advice ppr. Lost Dissly.

    Thanks man.
  9. gridirongoofs

    TE Advice ppr. Lost Dissly.

    I'm open to streaming them weekly as well.... or a trade perhaps.... because there isn't on the wire haha.... in our 12 team PPR league Watson Fells Akins McDonald Knox Eifert
  10. McLaurin, Ekeler, Brown (Rams) Pick 2 in a ppr league. Thanks.
  11. gridirongoofs

    12 team PPR - Flex help if HILL doesn't start?

    And you didn't refer to him as the injured Mike Williams this time
  12. gridirongoofs

    12 team PPR - Flex help if HILL doesn't start?

    You really think with that team I'd have David Johnson? hahaha.. I get it.. you are trying to make a point.... you could have also just said, hey, which johnson and which sanders... common sense plays a small role at times, eh Axe? Thanks for the feedback. You love to do those subtle backhanded jabs... Miles Sanders, Malcolm Brown, D. Johnson from Pitt....
  13. Assuming Hill starts, WR - Julio, Cooper, Hill RB - Carson, Ekeler Flex - I have McLaurin in that position now.... with Brown, Sanders, Mike Williams and D. Johnson on the bench If Hill doesn't start, I'll move McLaurin to the other WR... then it's either Brown, Williams or D. Johnson?
  14. gridirongoofs

    1 WR? - 12 team ppr

    Went with the injured Mike Williams
  15. gridirongoofs

    1 WR? - 12 team ppr

    Looks like we are both in Denver brother. Thanks for the opinions