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  1. show me the murray

    Pick a WR

    Had him plugged originally but it’s sounding like Thielen will be back. Do you not think Osborn’s value goes in that scenario? Wish it was an early game so I’d know, but worried I can’t take that chance by waiting until Monday.
  2. show me the murray

    Pick a WR

    Need a WR2 in 0.5PPR. Was Waddle but Covid scuppered that plan. Gabriel Davis vs CAR KJ Osborn @ CHI Terry McLaurin @ PHI It was Osborn but I’m spooked Thielen will return and make Osborn’s role much smaller. I’ve now plugged in Davis with Sanders inactive. McLaurin scares me as he still hasn’t passed concussion protocols, has a rough matchup and who knows who’s starting at QB for WFT. If I start Davis I can still plug Osborn/Terry in the FLEX (currently have Penny in there). Need upside this week. Have I got it right?
  3. show me the murray

    Which RBs

    Henderson has been activated off the COVID list so that caps Michel’s upside. I own both and I’m tempted to just stay away until I know who’s getting the bulk of the work, unless Henderson is still dinged up. I like Osborn this week but check on Thielen ahead of the game, if he plays I have no interest in Osborn as a WR3
  4. show me the murray

    Need A RB/WR/FLEX Out Of This Pool of Feast or Famine

    Robinson is an easy call. I think he’s a week winner. Jags just fired Meyer so I think they make a point of feeding Robinson in a great matchup. And there’s no Hyde to siphon carries. Then I’d go Metcalf and I’m leaning OBJ
  5. show me the murray

    Need 2 WR and 1 Flex

    Higgins/Cooks and then Mooney/Osborn is a toss up for me. Both have big upside but are relatively boom or bust. Obviously if Thielen is back it’s an easy call to go with Mooney
  6. show me the murray

    Pick two RB's

    Agree with both of these. You’re safer starting Javonte and Jacobs but Penny has huge upside if you can stomach starting him. Couple points: 1) keep an eye on Rams injury/COVID situation. If they still have a lot of starters out on Defence (Von Miller etc) then I like Penny a lot. 2) Javonte has been awesome the last two weeks but my fear would be the Bengals build a lead and you end up with a timeshare and a negative gamescript.
  7. show me the murray

    Rhmondre Smash?

    I made this comment on your reply in the other thread in A Little Help but I may as well answer here too. I like Rhamondre a lot but it’s not like his matchup is much better than Jones. At least he’s dominating carries (or so we would expect) and Jones is now in a bit of a timeshare (although it might have been to protect him after injury - in the first half when the game was close against the Bears he dominated the snap share). The thing I’d add though is, Aaron Jones scored 20 points in 0.5 PPR on just 8 touches last week. If that’s not big upside I’m not sure what is.
  8. show me the murray

    Darren Waller

    That’s what I’m thinking. As I said it’s all moot because I don’t expect him to be healthy and the Raiders don’t seem willing to push him. The good thing is though due to the other games being moved my other options to replace him are now playing Tuesday so I can wait it out.
  9. show me the murray

    Who Would U Bench For Rhamondre Stevenson ?

    I know Jones has a bad matchup but I’d argue if you need big upside I’d rather start him over Rhamondre. Don’t get me wrong, I like Rhamondre a lot but he has a tough matchup too and I’d trust my stud over the rookie. Jones had 20 points (in 0.5 PPR) on just 8 touches last week. If that’s not big upside I dunno what is.
  10. show me the murray

    Pick 1 DEF

    Rare you get a week where an actual real-life quality defence takes on a bad offence. Take advantage. Lions without Hockensen, most likely Swift and possibly Jamaal Williams too. And AZ has been better against the pass. Should get to Goff plenty too. EDIT: Not to say 49ers D isn’t good and isn’t a good play too, but on the whole AZ has been a better D this year and I’d trust Ryan, Patterson, Pitts etc to put up points over Goff and a below-average group of weapons.
  11. show me the murray

    Darren Waller

    Waller was ruled out for Week 15 yesterday due to the Saturday game and shortened practice week. Does anyone know if he could now theoretically play with the game being moved to Monday, or because he was ruled out he has to sit? Could all be moot as he may not be healthy enough anyway, but it’s an interesting wrinkle.
  12. show me the murray

    Season on the line tonight

    It’s a coin flip for me. Both offenses spread the ball around. Higbee hasn’t been great this season and Arizona has been pretty tough on TEs but I think he’s your best shot, like you say if Ertz scores a TD his 6 points are negated by Murray’s 4. Swing for the fences and hope for a big game.
  13. show me the murray

    What do you need Wk 14 MNF?

    I need Kupp and Prater not to outscore Michel by 56 points for a win to guarantee the playoffs. An added bonus - if Van Jefferson doesn’t score 14 in another matchup I’ll jump into 2nd and a playoff bye. Been a good week, picked up Titans D a week early and KJ Osborn on waivers. Also picked up Penny on a hunch, didn’t play him but he could prove very useful down the stretch. Week 17 against the Lions if I get there…
  14. show me the murray

    TE Scraps with Waller out and Goedert on Bye

    Good call Weepaws, I had a gut feeling but your input confirmed it for me. Everett was definitely better than Kmet (if only thanks to a TD). Thanks!
  15. show me the murray

    Covid & injuries.

    Michel could only miss the game as a close contact if he’s unvaccinated though. Sounds like he is vaccinated so he should be fine