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  1. show me the murray

    We are the Champions!

    QB Joe Flacco RB Jahmyr Gibbs RB Tyjae Spears WR Tyreek Hill WR Jaxon Smith-Njigba TE Sam LaPorta FLEX DJ Chark K Brandon Aubrey D/ST Broncos Competitive 14-team league. First time I’ve won the championship. Had the highest scoring team in the regular season but lost a couple key guys. Championship match was pretty low scoring. Tyreek, Mahomes, McCaffrey all involved but the highest scorer was Flacco!
  2. show me the murray

    Pick the WRs to help me win a championship

    I’ve liked JSN but I think he has a relatively low ceiling. Then again not sure I’m buying Demarcus Robinson’s career renaissance in a game the Rams may not need to throw much. Would you go JSN and Chark?
  3. show me the murray

    Pick the WRs to help me win a championship

    Made it to the championship game in a deep 14-team 0.5 PPR league as the top scoring team but been hit with injuries. Rolled with Flacco which worked a treat but I’ve lost Kirk and Jacobs in recent weeks. Picked up a few guys this week, need to start two. DJ Chark @JAX D Robinson @NYG KJ Osborn vs GB Or I can roll with Smith-Njigba vs PIT who I’ve been starting second half of the season. Got D Wicks too but he’s questionable. I’m projected to lose by 6 but I’ve already had four guys play so I’m shooting for upside. I’m leaning Chark (highest ceiling + revenge game narrative) and Robinson but what do you think?
  4. show me the murray

    Keaton Mitchell or…

    I think Lockett has been taking veteran days every week so I’m assuming he plays. I think I’d rank it Mitchell, Spears, Moss. Gus Edwards has had a pretty good season but he’s never been special, there’s a chance they just end up liking Mitchell more. Spears is a great handcuff to Henry but has standalone value as a pass catcher and is getting on the field more than Henry when they’re behind (which is often). Moss got just one touch last week so is clearly nothing more than a handcuff at this point despite looking good all season. I would definitely hold him if I owned Taylor.
  5. show me the murray

    Keaton Mitchell or…

    Picked up Keaton Mitchell weeks ago on a hunch. Sat with him on my bench last couple of weeks but tempted to finally unleash him. Hate TNF plays though. Start one flex in .5PPR: Mitchell Smith-Njigba Q Johnston Spears Michael Wilson Dowdle
  6. show me the murray

    Dan Campbell Loves Him Some Jahmyr Gibbs

    Or maybe if he has a better night rushing than Montgomery has managed in 2+ years it will…
  7. show me the murray

    Dan Campbell Loves Him Some Jahmyr Gibbs

    Another thing that hasn’t been mentioned is this: if everyone is convinced Montgomery is the guy, is no one concerned that through 8 weeks he’ll have missed 3 games through injury? It stands to reason the Lions would want to split both players’ loads to keep them both fresh. Clearly giving Monty 30 carries doesn’t work however efficient he may be. Could be a frustrating split going forward but I just don’t think they keep up the Monty bell-cow idea when he’s already been injured twice.
  8. show me the murray

    Dan Campbell Loves Him Some Jahmyr Gibbs

    It depends what you can get for him. If you can get a stud then sure, otherwise I think I’d hold on to the upside. But it’s going to be tough trading him after a monster game week 8 with him on bye in week 9.
  9. show me the murray

    Dan Campbell Loves Him Some Jahmyr Gibbs

    I don’t agree with this. This is the third time (in 5 games) Gibbs has averaged over 5 YPC. Montgomery has managed it just once, in a blowout against the worst team in the league. Gibbs is a faaaaaar superior pass catcher. Once they feel Gibbs is fully integrated into the offense (pass pro etc), I think it’s a 50/50 split if not more in favour of Gibbs and Monty goes more to the Jamaal Williams role of last year. Why wouldn’t you use the far more explosive, talented back? Monty will still have a role, and will cap Gibbs’ upside, but Gibbs will be much more than a flex.
  10. show me the murray

    tank Tank?

    I dropped him this week. He just doesn’t look impressive enough that if Etienne goes down he’d have a full-time role, I’d expect a time share with him and D’Ernest Johnson (who has had success in the league before).
  11. show me the murray

    Trade Josh Allen ? help in last place...

    In a heartbeat
  12. show me the murray

    Dan Campbell Loves Him Some Jahmyr Gibbs

    Gibbs’ playing time did ramp up significantly each week until he missed the last two with a hamstring so this doesn’t feel like smoke to me. The fear though is he’s reinjured going into a heavy carry game off of a hamstring injury. As I thought going into the season, the Lions are a good team and Super Bowl contender. You don’t draft RBs in the first round not to use them in that scenario so it makes sense they’d want to ramp him up second half of the season.
  13. show me the murray

    M. Sanders droppable?

    It’s an odd one. I think if I owned him and needed another player I’d drop him to get rid of the headache. If I don’t own him and he’s dropped and I have a space, I think I’m stashing him in case that situation improves.
  14. show me the murray

    Start Tank?

    I don’t think so. I like the theory but not seen enough from Tank or evidence they believe he’s ready for a heavier workload. Of course, it depends who your other options are.
  15. show me the murray

    The Official Week 6 FU Thread

    Benched him this week because I feared a surprise inactive but going forward I’m pretty excited about him after this week. Bad stat line but 11 targets coming off a calf injury is ELITE usage. Couple good pass break-ups in there too.