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  1. show me the murray

    Trade my Melvin Gordon for Keenan Allen?

    I wouldn’t. Melvin Gordon is getting almost all the touches in that backfield with Lindsay out and RBs are falling like flies. I think you can probably get more for him than Allen from an RB-needy team. It’s not that I don’t like Allen, but I just don’t trust the Chargers yet, especially if Anthony Lynn holds firm on giving the job back to Tyrod Taylor when he’s healthy. I also don’t like the idea of having both Ekeler and Allen in an offense that doesn’t seem likely to put up a lot of points week-to-week. If Herbert keeps the job that could change things though.
  2. show me the murray

    Week 3 Waiver Wire

    I think McKinnon was on the way to unseating Coleman as the no2 anyway. Got to remember the Niners paid McKinnon a ton of money in 2018 and have waited patiently for two years to finally utilise him. Add in the fact they have a pretty banged up WR corps, and only really Deebo and an untested rookie in Aiyuk that you could expect solid production from, McKinnon can easily have value in this offense when Mostert is back.
  3. show me the murray

    Wr help .5 ppr league

    I'd go Anderson, he and DJ Moore are completely dominating the WR targets and that usage should only go up with McCaffrey out (his 8-10 targets a game have to go somewhere and I don't see Mike Davis picking up the full slack).
  4. show me the murray

    No Preseason = More Injuries

    Soft tissue injuries, bum hamstrings and the like are probably a result of no preseason. Torn ACLs are just unlucky. Nothing to do with a lack of preseason.
  5. show me the murray

    Anyone think Damien Harris will un-seat Michel?

    I own Barkley and picked up Harris late last night. It's worth a shot. 14-team league so just got to throw as many options at the wall and hope one sticks.
  6. show me the murray

    TE help

    Thanks all
  7. show me the murray

    WR Help. PPR

    Fuller and Sanders. Fuller because someone's got to catch passes in a catchup game, and he was the go-to last week* Sanders because I do not like that Panthers D and, again, someone has to catch passes. *Until he tears his ACL in the 3rd quarter
  8. show me the murray

    TE help

    0.5PPR I've got Gronk and picked up Logan Thomas in FA in a 14-team league. Been convincing myself all week that Thomas is the play... 8 targets in week 1, less competition for targets on that WAS team, facing a Cardinals team terrible at defending TEs the last couple of years. Does Godwin being out change that? Would you stick with Gronk for another week or go with Thomas? Can't help but feel Thomas is the upside play, but I'm wondering if the Bucs have a bit of an FU game where Brady tries to get Gronk involved and he ends up with 2 TDs.
  9. show me the murray

    Pickup D. Freeman cheap.

    Going back to the title of this thread.. I'd hope to hell he's cheap. He doesn't even have a team, god help you if you have to give up anything to get him
  10. show me the murray

    Any Word On James Conner's Injury?

    He practised fully yesterday
  11. show me the murray

    With Godwin's bell rung...

    If Godwin can’t go I’d be very tempted to pick up Scotty Miller if he’s available in your league
  12. show me the murray

    Give up on Gronk?

    I’m gonna hold him for another week and see if I can get anything back from him. Don’t want to start him though. I was going to start Doyle but now it’s looking like he’s banged up. Is it worth taking a punt on Logan Thomas? As a Cardinals fan I remember too well how badly tight ends abused us last year.
  13. show me the murray


    I'd probably hold him for now. Very soon to give up on a guy who probably cost a late first/early second round pick. Also his upcoming slate looks pretty good to me. vs KC - probably behind, will have to throw a bunch so could get way more targets. vs CAR - terrible against the run. @ TB - Kamara had success through the air against them, and also could be playing from behind.
  14. show me the murray

    The Official Week 1 FU Thread

    That's rough, but let's face it, you are never benching Saquon or Thomas - sometimes you just gotta take the bad luck and accept it wasn't your week. I would love to know who your WR2/RB2 was that you weren't starting Ridley or DJ though.
  15. show me the murray

    Week 2 DEF waiver, who u got?

    That logic didn't work for the Eagles. I'm not sure the Cardinals D is much better (yet). I picked up the Colts in week 1 and think I'm gonna hold on to them. Vikings could be tough but then they draw the Jets in week 3 and I like that a lot.