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  1. Starringme

    QB Stafford or Ryan

    Certainly has been. But take into consideration the Lions run game is nonexistent since K.Johnson got hurt. Stafford's had no choice but to throw, 300yds a game. Ryan also isn't a quitter and always gets his. Ugh hard choice
  2. Starringme

    Need 1

    Ridley out of those choices. Lattimore will most likely stay on Julio all night possibly freeing up Ridley a little.
  3. Starringme

    QB Stafford or Ryan

    Battle of the Matt's here. Both have minor injuries. Both tough games. I have no idea who to start. Really leaning towards Stafford Ryan @ NO Stafford @ CHI
  4. Starringme

    AJ Green OUT, Erickson?

    What are we thinking about Erickson this week? Rookie QB, first game as a starter. Boyd and Tate healthy but Erickson had 10, 21 & 15 PPR the last three weeks. Home against BAL I need one more explosive WR because Beckham is this year and is against BUF.
  5. Starringme

    Garoppolo (tonight) or Cousins this week?

    Hope this one didn't come back and bite you
  6. Starringme

    Chark or Diggs???

    Chark if he's healthy. Definitely if Westbrook is out too
  7. Starringme

    Benching OBJ?

    Not much left to choose from. Maybe Carolina..or the eagles.
  8. Starringme

    Benching OBJ?

    I benched him for D johnson. I'm most likely losing this week anyway, might as well take a risk. Now..do I bench Chicago DST? I think so..they aren't what they were last season.
  9. Starringme

    Benching OBJ?

    Might pick him up. Really looking and jonnu too tho
  10. Starringme

    Benching OBJ?

    No one good. Walton, Fitzgerald or Chris Thompson. Really hoping Desean Jackson plays. Otherwise Dionte Johnson, Chris Conley (I already have Chark) and Jonnu Smith (if delanie walker is out, smith is TE1) are all free agents to pick up right now. Pickings are slim
  11. Starringme

    Your worst pick this year

    Pretty much all of them. OBJ, Gurley, Gordon, Hyde, MVS, Justice Hill, even Kelce isn't performing like he did last year
  12. Starringme

    Benching OBJ?

    Should I? Am I crazy Broncos have let up least amount of points to WR this year, most of them not able to get over 10pts. Odell is already struggling, cuz the browns stuck. I'm against an undefeated team this week.
  13. Starringme

    Which def, NO, CAR or GB.

    See, I don't know how I feel about the GB vs DET game. Detroit has won four years in a row now.
  14. Starringme

    Which def, NO, CAR or GB.

    My def is on bye this week and these are my only options