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  1. He doesn't have to get on any ballots. They will write him in. Millions of followers to include Kim. Biden is screwed.
  2. FlyinHeadlock

    Karma. BLM edition.

    It was a Jaguar. Not some civic. Know what happens when you start throwing stuff at people who value their stuff. They don't put up with it. Sounds like these two carpet munchers bit of way more rug than they could swallow and choked.
  3. Kayne West announced he is running. 29.4 million followers. Elon Musk is supporting him. 36.5 million followers. Biden campaign has no opinion on Kayne, this flag, defunding police or removing statues and monuments. Getting interesting
  4. FlyinHeadlock

    How to obtain military vet files?

    Have to have a need to know. If it's a loved one agree, talk to the VFW or another org. They can get it. Just let them handle it. Could take a month or two but they'll get it. Not much they can tell you though other than what is on their DD214. If you want a short story you will have to start digging through units, military boards yourself. Military members are nothing more than bodies. One dies another steps in. It is the way of warfare. I went from a PVT to a CPT. Even Majors are treated like PVT's at the Pentagon. Warfare is an un-thankful business. We are treated like the trash of the country if you have not noticed. Good luck.
  5. FlyinHeadlock

    Marcellus Wiley - oh my

    No. Let them do whatever they want. Let them do it and set it all on fire. The NBA will have to clean it up on their own dime. DO IT. I want to see what I know is already going to happen so we can finally get past this ruse once and for all.
  6. No. Can't mix gun violence with hot dog eating. Might as well combine Fantasy Football with Female Pro Bowling stats. If we are doing that I'm taking Liz Johnson. Easy on the eyes NO. Bowl her ass off YES. Taking her in RND 2.
  7. FlyinHeadlock

    Jericho Green

    If it's so effin awful then stop coming here illegally or legally. It's not stopping so all this is a fvcking ruse, facade, fake bs. Whatever you want to call it. It's actually getting WORSE. More and more are flocking here. Try and stop it, slow it down and they go off the rails. RACISM!! HATRED, WHITE POWER...meh. If it is that bad then turn your ass around. Nobody will cry a tear except them.
  8. They have not updated it since 10AM on Hey JA. Starting to feel like Christmas morning. What did I actually get? Gonna have a hard time sleeping thinking I may win the coveted hoodie.
  9. Glad I started Douglas over New City. I may be a contender. I do propose we drop stabbings next year.
  10. FlyinHeadlock

    Context Matters - Thomas Jefferson and slavery

    Anybody's life could be cherry picked with and electron microscope to find bad things. Even Mother Teresa, the Dali Lama and MLK. Go ahead and do that though. Humanity will be left with nothing but hatred, bitterness and tyrants.
  11. Kneeling Is Impotent. Be Impotent.
  12. Maybe just let people make their own personal choices. Lots of dangerous things people do with far greater chances of death than this virus. If they want to do it let them and stay out of it.
  13. We need more statues. Start making statues of all the black slave owners that blacks never want to talk about for some reason. At one point blacks owned over 5000 slaves. They were some ruthless slaves owners too from records. Of course they will say something about circumstances but what about the white kids raised in slave owner families. Were they not also victims of circumstance..meh.
  14. This already went to the SC. The band The Slants won. They didn't have to change their name for referring to slanted eye asians. Redskins rights can't be infringed upon over the name. If they don't want them there it will have to be over another reason but it can't be over the name. The city would lose that fight. They will probably change it but not anytime soon. And Nike, banning all their gear. Nike lost almost a billion dollars last quarter and let go of a lot of employees. Who cares and who even wears Nike other than poor rural kids and athletes. The shoes suck. Much better shoes and sports clothing out there.