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  1. FlyinHeadlock

    #2A rally/lobby/counter-protest in VA on 1/20

    I think it's just hard for people to believe that hating someone for really no damn good reason is perfectly legal. Just so long as one does not harm that person financially or cause physical harm. People really struggle with it. All I can say is deal with it. I can hate whoever I want whenever I want. Nothing they can do about it but cry and I will hate you more for crying.
  2. Newsom keeps piling more excrement on this castle of crap. Everyone knows it's disgusting, toxic and will eventually collapse but the endless supply of construction workers can't be fined, arrested or sent home.
  3. FlyinHeadlock

    Favorite playlist/station

    I have Sirius but lately have been making up my own stations on Alexa. One of my favs I made up is Steely Dan Station. Lots of old 70's rock. My Sirius, I got it when they were about to go bankrupt and they were selling lifetime subscriptions. I bought one for the hell of it for $400. They stopped offering it shortly after the merger with XM. Amazing deal. In another 12 years that will be about $1 a year for a Sirius subscription lol!
  4. Iran missiles took out a few port-a-johns that nobody was using except a handful of closet gay Iraqi soldiers. Iraq and Iran both claim victory. We can finally go home.
  5. If Hunter can be a little more discreet smoking crack and banging strippers I could see it. People are looking for moderation.
  6. The Squad was getting back in the press. She had to one up them to keep their greasy hands and eyeballs off the scepter of stupidity.
  7. FlyinHeadlock

    Media Coverage of Iran situation...

    Israel use to bomb Iran all the time with airstrikes. No world war happened.
  8. FlyinHeadlock

    2020 NFL DRAFT (who you like-rookies)

    The planet that wins championships. I said he was ok his rookie year and that is what we are talking about, not year two or three unless I totally missed the original question but it appears I did not. That would be you. You also missed the question specifically stated rookie stars. Not ok or decent. The odds of finding rookie stars (assuming this is top 5 or 10) is highly unlikely. It's better to go after proven veterans to fill rosters but to each their own. I actually like playing people who draft rookies as starters. They normally end up dropping them early and by the time they recover they have almost no shot of making the playoffs.
  9. FlyinHeadlock

    2020 NFL DRAFT (who you like-rookies)

    None of them. Look at MT. Best WR in the NFL but that took several years. His rookie season was ok, nothing special. Don't trust any rookies. Even RB's. Get them later and only as flyers. They are going to burn you drafting any higher than 8th, 9th round. They will be on BAD teams. New QB, coach more than likely which NEVER works out.
  10. FlyinHeadlock

    Actors I'm sick of seeing anymore.

    I hate seeing superheroes play other super heroes. Green Lantern is Dead Pool but, he's also an X-Men vilian...meh. Really? Is it so hard to cast someone else.
  11. Back to the topic and that is Biden is finished. He complains about the dumbest that has no bearing on anything. Coal miners are not a problem. It's the costs of healthcare, which by the way the ACA was suppose to fix. It didn't fix anything. It's worse! There was no savings for Americans. We pay more now than ever and we have less options and this is mainly the middle class. We got crushed by the ACA. Then he talks about children. Ok. Then why isn't Hunter paying child support for that baby. The kid is almost 2 years old and he hasn't paid a dime. If I knocked up some stripper and I didn't pay child support in a year my ass would be an a effin jail cell. Screw this guy.
  12. I'm a Vet myself but my saying has always been, do not let other create circumstances for you. Create your own circumstances. If you want out then get out. Won't be easy but it's your choice. Either accept that circumstance or create the one you want or die trying.
  13. FlyinHeadlock

    Jameis Winston's last pass of the season

    He could have had success but this is on the organization. He has to have an OL. Yes, they have a great run D but that is of no help right now. He can't run, create anything with his legs. He needs time. He is also an idiot.
  14. FlyinHeadlock

    Jameis Winston's last pass of the season

    Doesn't matter what QB they get. OL sucks. Getting sacked 47 times....no QB can have success until that is addressed. And I keep reading Winston is a great athlete but it's not true. Arm strength yes, but footwork and speed, no. The guy is very slow. His Center could outrun him in a foot race and beat him in every foot drill. The QB should be close to one of the most athletic players on the team. He's not that guy.
  15. China is very weak outside of a couple cities where they control from. One massive uprising could spread and over run it. That's why they fear religion or anything that can mass people in agreement. A good example of this is the US based Shen Yun dance company. They put on Chinese shows in the US but they are mainly an arm of a religious sect that was persecuted by the Chinese government. Their routines take some shots at China and they try to get support from Hollywood and US politicians to get the word out since the media won't cover the human right abuses in China. Just look what is happening in Hong Kong and that's not even that many people. They can barely control it.