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  1. FlyinHeadlock

    What happened to ISIS ?

    There are a decent amount of gays that support Trump from what I heard. Mainly the ones that run successful businesses though. The Melissa Ethridge flaky gold digging girlfriend types she sings about not so much.
  2. FlyinHeadlock

    ***Official Here we go Debate Thead***

    All they have to do is ask Trump for the National Guard. Real simple when it gets out of control. They refuse to do it. The interesting part, during the 94' LA riots Democrat leadership called in the Marine Corps when a Democrat was President. Think about that for a minute. Not the National Guard. The God Damn Marine Corps. Mark my words, if Biden is elected they will call in the National Guard immediately if it continues and it will end in 48 hrs. Won't be any 80 days of punks running around I assure you. Trump could declare an emergency and just do it but then they would call him a dictator or worse. A political catch 22. Help your the bad guy. Don't help your the bad guy. Total BS. He is doing the right thing. If they need help they can have it. If they don't, fine. They can let their cities burn to the ground. Not any harder than that. If he wins though they got a real problem. All those damages will have to be paid for in full. That means lawsuits, cutting of non essential services to pay for all of it. I hope it happens. They dug their own grave.
  3. FlyinHeadlock

    ***Official Here we go Debate Thead***

    Nate Pewter. I give him credit though for doubling down on his failure. If it happens again he will be looking for another job. He's not getting nearly the attention he got last time.
  4. FlyinHeadlock

    ***Official Here we go Debate Thead***

    Trump won. Messy but he won. Joe could not name one police union that supports his policy. Joe denounced the New Green Deal and denounced Bernie Sanders. Just right there, he infuriated the radical left and pissed off moderates. So how is he different from Trump? Oh, he does not like police so much.
  5. FlyinHeadlock

    ***Official Here we go Debate Thead***

    77% say Hunter was not a dishonorable discharge. The discharge papers however say 100% he was kicked the phuck out on a dishonorable discharge. I'm confused.
  6. FlyinHeadlock

    ***Official Here we go Debate Thead***

    Pissing hot is a dishonorable discharge in the military. I only spent 20 years in so maybe I know something about seeing it happen. It results in DISHONORABLE DISCHARGE every single time. Like every single time. Not sometimes. I would love to show Biden the discharge papers and have him read them out loud. Your son got kicked the phuck out for being a shltbag. Own it and move on. Anything else is super retarded.
  7. FlyinHeadlock

    ***Official Here we go Debate Thead***

    Hunter is getting help. Stop badgering him and his million dollar deals. You people..ugghh.
  8. FlyinHeadlock

    ***Official Here we go Debate Thead***

    You are mentally weak. No stamina involved. Can't handle confrontation and no shame in that. Step aside and let me and people like me deal with it.
  9. Why is Trump demanding checking Biden for an ear piece and Biden refuses. Then Biden is asking for a break every 30 mins. I think this debate is going to fall apart and be cancelled. Trump should not cave to his demands. None of them. No ear pieces and no rule changes at the last min.
  10. FlyinHeadlock

    Trump probably hasn't paid income taxes in 20 years

    It's not just businesses. It's everyone. Hell, software like Turbo Tax is designed to dig under every stone to try and reduce taxes. And look at all these athletes and celebs with their "charities" to include the Clintons. It's all just tax havens. Make money then put it into the charity then it can't be touched. Duh. Even the dumbest athletes and celebs know this trick.
  11. FlyinHeadlock

    The Boys Season 2

    Much better episode. I like that they devise a plan but the plan always backfires into looking nothing like the actual plan and just turns into a total shlt show. Stormfront though needs to die. That effin Nazi azz freak. They probably can't kill her just yet but something needs to happen to her. Lose an eye or something.
  12. What's going to happen when Democrats own everything and they are ballot harvesting and cheating against each other. Starting to see some elections with this scenario. They don't give a shlt. They will stab each other in the back. Just ruthless with no morale code. With leaders like that we are headed to the gates of hell.
  13. FlyinHeadlock

    How do you know when to put a dog down?

    We called a service last time. Much easier than driving knowing what was about to happen. It was over in 12 seconds. I carried him out on a stretcher with the Vet tech. Still horrible but he was 15 and change for a big dog. That is a damn good life. Most his breed barely make 12. We feed him human food. I think that is why he lived longer. He was good though until the last week. Still running around and barking.
  14. FlyinHeadlock

    How do you know when to put a dog down?

    When they can no longer do the things they enjoy. General rule of thumb though, if they can't walk around, move it is time. They are miserable and keeping it going any longer is selfish.
  15. FlyinHeadlock

    Interesting observation.

    It's definitely a thing. I have a niece and pretty sure this will happen to her. Smart, could have got into an IVY school but turned it down. She is obese. Her mom told me she still has not kissed a boy. One loser is going to show interest in her and she will lose it. She will be driving around this POS in her 4 door new jeep anyday now.