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  1. dmmotto

    Perine over R. White at flex?

    For standard non-PPR, yes. Thanks.
  2. Assuming Mixon is out and Fournette is active?
  3. dmmotto

    Eno Benjamin or Donta Foreman, non-ppr

    Thanks. I think if Williams is out then it’s Eno, if not Foreman. Ill likely flop back and forth until game time. Division games could be higher scoring than normal.
  4. Connor out, Chubba out. Who to flex? 6pt TD, non-ppr. Eno may have Williams and/or Keontay Ingram who scored a TD last week to compete with. Foreman has the rookie. Leading toward Foreman, some say Eno is a RB1 without Williams. Thanks.
  5. dmmotto

    Gio or Duke? Non-PPR

    If cooks is out like they say, I kinda feel Watson has no options to either run the ball or throw to rb, so I think that is a positive. Matchup favors gio though, no doubt. But can CIN do anything without burrow is my concern. Ugh, playoff decisions.
  6. dmmotto

    Gio or Duke? Non-PPR

    For last flex spot. Could also be G. Davis/BUF or J. Reager/PHI but I would think the RBs would be the way to go here. thanks, leave yours.
  7. Thought Jackson would have been obvious until dud last week. Coleman is a surprise option.
  8. That's where I'm at. Feel that Justin has more competition in Kelly but Gio hasn't been proven as the primary carrier when mixon is out. I'll use a $.25 quarter, thanks.