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  1. Utilit99

    Restaurante protocal

    I always accommodated the complainers as a bartender. If some black person sent back a drink saying there was "no liquor" in the drink (even though the drink was made perfectly), I would simply pour a bit of gin down into the straw, and that always, 100% of the time, satisfied them. Never failed even once.
  2. Utilit99

    Poster you would like to see banned

    That’s all you do. Spend all day here trying to start arguments. Find a new schtick. Or at least something to do during the day instead of spending it here @Djgb13 Been going on since 2006....
  3. Utilit99

    Anyone here bowl in a league

    I think of joyless reid and maxipad waters and stupid abrams.
  4. Utilit99

    Anyone here bowl in a league

  5. Utilit99

    Anyone here bowl in a league

    I really miss my bowling league. Back when we put the team together we were all kind of in our get stupid days of life. Although the team is still at it, and I'm sure it's toned down a lot. I had to leave it when I moved away for my current job. If I ever move back I'm pretty sure I would be able to get back on the team. We started that team about 25 years ago and it's still going strong. Used to always be a lot drinking and gambling that one night a week. Tons of gambling in the league. Then after we bowled we would go into the bar and there would be like 15 of us just drinking and playing dice. On our team we had penalty every week. The guy who bowled below (or lowest above) his average the most for the week would have to wear a skirt for the whole next week's games. It wasn't like a full on skirt. It was a pink stretchy mini skirt you would wear over your pants. The whole league knew what it meant on our team. And then when you go to bar and get some beers or whatever, there were always those who would say, "oh, bad week last week huh?"
  6. Utilit99

    [** Official President Joe Biden Thread **]

    ya ga ga bo...
  7. Utilit99

    Baby Formula Shortage...

    Still pretending.
  8. Go Killing in Ukraine!! Rah rah rah!!!!!
  9. Utilit99

    creepy joe's new press secretary

    She was born a liberal.
  10. Utilit99

    creepy joe's new press secretary

  11. Utilit99

    What do you eat for breakfast?

    Strawberry cream cheese? Homemade veggie cream cheese is the best!! Well, the cheese isn't home made.
  12. Did you know Did you know rusty got banned many times from fftoday for being an idiot over and over again?