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  1. Utilit99

    Meanwhile in Chicago....

    Year To Date Shot & Killed: 290 Shot & Wounded: 1266 Total Shot: 1556 Total Homicides: 319
  2. No. Cats are the most disgusting because they are the most accepted and a ton of people have them . Nobody wants a focking striped polecat.
  3. Utilit99

    Ukraine - Doomsday

    Russia is busy trying to take of part of a country. You are being very misled.
  4. At least dogs ask to go outside. Birds and fish and cats? Focking gross.
  5. Utilit99

    How many lives has TDS taken?

    Just nut. There would be nothing better in my life than to tell those people to fock off.
  6. Utilit99

    Rudy Guiliani Attacked

  7. 400 cat turds in the home. Piss all over the house. Cat hair in the lungs.
  8. I posted that 3 days ago. Thanks for taking the time out of your day to do the research on me.
  9. Utilit99

    Rudy Guiliani Attacked

    biden falling over on his bike is a disaster because he is retarded and is president. Idiots like you that voted him in are what is the problem is. People who are not in office and are focused upon by TMZ and the like are simply rag news. Which you seem to focus on.
  10. Utilit99

    Rudy Guiliani Attacked

    nipple to nipple even. Damn you wiff for deleting that.
  11. Obsessed. Following 24x7x365.
  12. Everything. Everything. Focking gross.
  13. Can you imagine what the dude's place smells like? Seriously it must be a health hazard just to breath in that place.
  14. Utilit99

    Rudy Guiliani Attacked

  15. Utilit99

    Rudy Guiliani Attacked

    This reminds me to the selfie fest of 1/6.