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  1. Utilit99

    Who do you think nukes first?

    This liberal...
  2. True. At least now it is. Some liberal countries in Europe have finally learned the hard way. Just not our liberals. It's frightening.
  3. Utilit99

    Caribbean, tamarind glazed jerk shrimp with maque choux

    Never been a jerk chicken fan. I love all kinds of recipes, that style just never appealed to me. I guess it's just the base spices for it. 1 tsp allspice 1/2 tsp nutmeg 1/4 tsp cinnamon 1/4 tsp ground clove Oh well. I'm sure it's a good recipe.
  4. That's an interview. Did he turn his back on the freedom the US stands for?
  5. Go to guatamala dude. Or even Cuba.
  6. You must have not read creepy joe's trillion dollar proposals. $2 trillion for covid passed even though less than 10% actually went toward covid. I'm less concerned about legal donations than the liberal focks blowing my tax dollars on big tech as well as throwing them at other bullshlt countries.
  7. What? They were not natives. Which means they were from another place. No one that lives in this country is native to this land. The Europeans though set up colonies with borders and governance. The indian people were nomadic. And they were vicious against even their own people. They didn't have shlt to rename here.
  8. Is she in the olympics representing a country and protesting that country?
  9. We liberals are sophisticated. We burn down cities, destroy businesses, and want to change all of our history and culture and whine incessantly about political incorrectness after we just destroyed liberal cities. We are above all the violence in those cities. We choose not to dip our toes in their waters. We simply just govern them while we get rid of the police (but not for our own selves hehe. Don't tell.) We open borders during a pandemic and have so far let in over 1 million people this year from countries that have a vaxx rate of less than 2% at this point, and 25% of those illegals coming in are sick and then are relocated across the country without vaccinations while we lock down the legal Americans and judge those who don't get vaccinated. We are sooo sophisticated. Hmmph. Off with you conservatives.
  10. Utilit99

    fans defy "no national anthem" at softball game

    How is 1898 not = to 2021 minus 123?
  11. What names were changed from the previous federal government that was set up here in America that you are talking about?
  12. Utilit99

    Naomi Osaka — now with Simone Biles!!

    Not calling them the "n" word doesn't change what many of them are.
  13. What did she win? The ugly contest? How oppressed she must feel..
  14. Utilit99

    fans defy "no national anthem" at softball game

    Yeah. for some reason I was thinking 1800s. Whatever.
  15. Utilit99

    fans defy "no national anthem" at softball game

    True. Even humans are relatively new.