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  1. Especially with the liberal voting methods.
  2. Utilit99

    Last of Us 2 comes out in 4 days..

    One of my favorite cut scenes in the game:
  3. Utilit99

    For Utilt's obsession

    Still good.
  4. Utilit99

    No DeSean Jackson thread ??

    Can you name a race or religious group of people who are angels and always have been throughout history?
  5. Utilit99

    Say his name...Jamee Johnson

    Maybe he has just been listening and following the liberal's narrative that the police are dangerous towards black people. See what happens when the left leads and the idiots follow their narrative? Or....Maybe he's simply a criminal who wanted to get away. One doesn't always have to have a "bad past" to be a bad guy. They may just be good criminals who finally got caught.
  6. Utilit99

    Schitt's Creek

    Same thing for me. I think it took me about 6 episodes. Then I set in for me and I loved it. But whatever. It's all subjective. Normally ,y GF and I know what each of us like and don't like and we don't force anything on each other. We know what we like together for the most part.
  7. Incorrect on this one. They got all the liberal activists tuned in to their message.
  8. Utilit99

    Say his name...Jamee Johnson

    These BLM supporters need to be eliminated.
  9. Utilit99

    Say his name...Jamee Johnson

    And he would have been free to use his gun on his next victim. Dude was up to no good.
  10. Ok. The black woman was about 5'0 190. D cups are my guess. God bless her. She seemed like a nice woman.
  11. She's a check out clerk who is not doing the job as an act of heroism. She wants gas money so she can go out with her friends on the weekend. And she expressed it as such. "You're such a hero.".... "Yeah, ok. Next." If I were doing her job and someone called me a hero for it, I would act the same way. "Sure, have a good day." Let's see, I"m 18-20 years old, standing in front of a big sheet of glass with gloves and a mask on, and I'm putting your groceries in a bag, and I'm a hero. Do people even know what heroes are anymore?
  12. Utilit99

    No DeSean Jackson thread ??

    Eagles players and fans are complete morons.
  13. Utilit99

    No DeSean Jackson thread ??

    "Heartfelt" "Turned another great player into an even better human being."
  14. Utilit99

    When does the Rocky statue get torn down?

    The left already gave reparations to Russia in the form of uranium.