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  1. Utilit99

    Breona taylor decision

    Fine with me. Let all the liberal white college students who vote democrat suffer. I feel bad for the few college students that are smart in the ways of seeing this political bullshlt the left is putting shoving down their throats.
  2. Utilit99

    Breona taylor decision

    Correct. And if they win, they instantly defund the rioters and call off the dogs who were funding them. They instantly look like heroes and peacemakers to the liberal eye. BLM stands down and the media stops paying attention to the few killings of black criminals by police every year. Black people go back to their "impoverished" lives looking for hand outs from the government and not empowering themselves in a capitalistic society. No public school gets better. And the left in this country loves it all. Chinese flu is already managed by the time they take over and they congratulate themselves for years to come for "fixing" it.
  3. Utilit99

    Breona taylor decision

    I am so going to miss Breonna Taylor. She helped me get my coke in times of need by empowering the sellers. And she rented a car that was used to ditch the body of someone I didn't like. God bless her soul.
  4. Utilit99

    Breona taylor decision

    I was just agreeing with your previous statement. The fact that there are homeless and lazy people all over this country, and there are jobs to fill if the illegals aren't here, doesn't mean people won't work those jobs. I would work those jobs and did similar jobs when I was younger. Problem is, companies are empowered to hire illegals at lower wages.
  5. Utilit99

    Breona taylor decision

    Another idiotic statement. "Trump inviting divisive people". Hypothesis Contrary to Fact.
  6. Utilit99

    Breona taylor decision

    I think you actually correct when you said about yourself: "probably ignorant".
  7. Utilit99

    Stay classy Libs.......

    The cop should kill a black criminal in that neighborhood and not protect the Target. Next....
  8. Utilit99

    Breona taylor decision

    So you don't understand logic. You call it "commentary" to try to support a point, but your commentary comparison was completely false. You are trying to use a logical fallacy called False Analogy. And even given that attempt you really sucked at it.
  9. That is attempted murder and should be treated as such.
  10. Utilit99

    Breona taylor decision

    https://www.wave3.com/2020/08/26/warrants-issued-arrest-breonna-taylors-ex-boyfriend-amid-leaked-new-documents/ Two bench warrants have been issued for a central figure in the Breonna Taylor case, sources told WAVE 3 News on Wednesday. The revelation comes two days after WAVE 3 News received 39 pages of leaked documents that paint a picture of a close relationship between Taylor and her ex-boyfriend, convicted drug dealer Jamarcus Glover. .... According to the new information, once LMPD's tech team installed a GPS tracker on Glover's red Dodge Charger, the device indicated six trips to the 3003 Springfield Drive address in January 2020. LMPD's surveillance efforts also produced pictures of Taylor at 2424 Elliott. The report included never-before-seen images of Glover picking up packages at 3003 Springfield. The documents also alleged that back in 2016, the body of Fernandez Bowman was found in a car rented by Breonna Taylor. When LMPD detectives arrived at Taylor's home to question her, Glover was there.
  11. Utilit99

    Breona taylor decision

    Like comparing them to someone who is defending their home and is not guilty of anything? But that would not fit your profile actually if you were accurate with your posts.
  12. Maybe California can raise it's state income tax from the lowest group being assessed 7.25% and the highest being 12.3% to let's say.....14.5% and 24.6%. This way, the governor and his political cohorts can still keep their salaries and benefits as they are with an expected bump in pay every year.
  13. Utilit99

    Breona taylor decision

    So you say things like this in your topic of St. Louis couple attending Trump rally: "I think it's a great idea, nothing like a having a couple of people facing felony charges for unlawful use of a weapon saying "Trump is our guy". Maybe he can get an endorsement from the the Menendez brothers too. " And you think you are not trying to send some sort message? Just purely a statement of "facts"? Comparing two people defending their home and supporting a president to a couple guys convicted of murder? People see right through your shlt dude.
  14. These can be posted in the entry way as the 'before' pictures when entering the park. https://duckduckgo.com/?q=dennis+rodman+pics&t=h_&iax=images&ia=images&iai=http%3A%2F%2Fcdn-s3.si.com%2Fimages%2F2004-0116-Dennis-Rodman.jpg http://i1.wp.com/www.bontheball.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/pants-on-the-ground.jpg?resize=600%2C375 http://i0.wp.com/www.bontheball.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/wtf-is-tucked-in.jpg The Disney happy dream land version can be the 'oh I wish it was so" land. Come in and see what if....