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  1. Grack

    QB Confusion

    Herbie vs Detroit will be a better game offensively for the chargers. They wont have the luxury of sitting on a lead. Hebert will have to push it downfield. He still has weapons. For the other... If Lamar is going to beat that Cleveland D again, he will have to ball out like he did in week 4 when he had 4 TDs (2 passing and 2 rushing). That was his 2nd best game of the season. Roll with the 1st string dudes.
  2. Grack

    Christian Watson

    I changed my mind, he's so droppable in a shallow bench league. it may take awhile for them to right this ship. You just can't trust Watson at all in a starting spot. Waste of a roster spot.
  3. Grack

    Christian Watson

    Their schedule is just as easy the next few weeks. Maybe the Pack can turn this around, they seemed like a good team coming into the season, better than what we've been seeing on the field the last couple weeks. Ouch.
  4. Grack

    The Official Week 7 FU Thread

    This thread is awesome... big FUs to C Ridley, all the Chargers, all the Packers especially J Love, and finally the Fins O coordinators, R Mostert with only 10 touches?? WTF?
  5. Grack

    Christian Watson

    Your needs may be different. GB needs to get A Jones fired up and help out the offense. I'm holding Watson, he needs to get healthy. Still the best WR on that squad.
  6. Grack

    R. White Buy Low?

    As someone who owns him on a couple leagues, we've seen the R White 2023 version. He's just bench depth. He's not a HR hitter, O-Line is not opening up big holes. So he's not going to be a set-and-forget-starter. However, he can get it done against the weaker D-lines with a lot of volume. Also, TB is not typically in a spot to kill the clock and run to finish out games. They have been in catchup mode or close completion all season. Totally agree w/OP, his schedule gets easier in this middle stretch. Could fill in if your starter sprains an ankle, but I'd be worried if he was my every week dude.
  7. Grack

    Dallas D/ST

    1-1 due to losing 2 starting RBs week 1 (Jones, Ekeler). The DAL D is solid, #1 for certain. They are not going to score like they didn't against the Giants every week. More like what they did against the Jets. Maybe we have seen the ceiling, lets wait and see how they play against the Rams and Niners in a couple weeks and you may see their floor.
  8. Grack

    Eagle RB

    Wont argue that. They have options. Swift is so much better than Gainwell and B Scott looked pretty good on his carries before he got his bell rung. Swift was totally balling out last week when called upon. He looked ready for another 29 carries post game. I'm sure he wants to shed that injury prone perception. The eagles aren't dumb though, that's why they have so many RBs. Lets see if he makes it though this upcoming slate of games.
  9. Grack


    I'm not changing my team name The HOT Chubb Time Machine will play on. Also lost the Jerome Ford Sweepstakes... This league is not FAB which is so lame. Ford will be a solid player this season. Hunt will be a JAG or worse.
  10. Grack

    Eagle RB

    Swift proved he can do it. Should be the main dude moving forward. However, this is not the week to roll with him. I'm sitting him out for K Williams and Mostert. My starters, Barkley and A Jones are on the bench licking their wounds. So not great but not bad. I'll throw a WR in the flex instead of Swift. If I'm wrong I'll be happy to play him in the future but I don't see the Eagles getting a ton of RB points against TB. The TB DEF is playing well so far through 2 weeks. I want to see swift play against a better front than MIN. Swift has a brutal stretch of games coming up too (TB, WAS twice, NYJ, LAR, MIA, DAL). The only game there I'm happy with is the fins.
  11. Grack

    #1 Pick

    Hard to pass on JJ, but I'll go the other way here and say CMAC. CMAC, Waddle Wilson looks great. I feel Mixon will burn ya. You get a true RB1 with CMAC with very solid WRs.
  12. Grack

    Kupp Hurt Again

    Sounds like the K Allen situation from last season. He was out forever.
  13. Grack

    Geno Smith

    QBs were going for high prices, so I waited. Geno was the best available QB for my last roster spot, as my QB2. The SEA WR weapons he has really helped that decision. QB1 D Watson isn't a lock for me (Smith could possibly outplay him). Maybe I can stream them based on matchups. Don't you think they will be throwing a lot to stay in games?
  14. Grack

    Jeff Wilson on IR- MOSTERT A #1RB?

    Agree here, especially with with Wilson on the shelf and an undersized rookie as his RB team. I swooped him late for $5 last night in an auction as RB4 (behind Pollard, A Jones, R White). Maybe he hits and can be a solid flex starter.
  15. Grack

    Week 1 Streaming Defenses

    This is my plan as well.