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  1. Dizkneelande

    Marjorie Taylor Greene

    Degree in Economics BTW BU was my backup school
  2. I use to not think this but the past 4 years has made me realize how utterly dumb they are.
  3. In addition to mental disorder, it also affects the ability to understand statistics, maths and basic economics.
  4. Dizkneelande

    Anyone ever inherit a house?

    You pay the gain from the time you inherit to the time you sell. Biden is trying to change that and tax you on the full gain.
  5. I think they should go door to door looking for illegals. It’s our tax dollars supporting them. Don’t we have a right to know?
  6. IDs are racist There are more than 2 genders white supremacy is the biggest threat to our country Hunter Biden is not a bag of crap Biden got 81 million votes
  7. Dizkneelande

    Critical Race Theory

    The sickening part is the media gaslighting of CRT.
  8. Dizkneelande

    Ductless heat and air systems?

  9. Dizkneelande

    Ductless heat and air systems?

    I bought the China one off Amazon for 800 bucks, had my electrician wire the harness for $200, watched a YouTube video and installed it myself in about 5 hours. Figured they use a lot of ac over there and the Amazon reviews were pretty good.
  10. Dizkneelande

    Global minimum corporate tax

    The corporate tax is bullsheet. If they raised it to 40% it would generate enough revenue to fund the government for an additional week. It should be zero
  11. Few are worthy of the honor.
  12. Dizkneelande

    Name a whiskey you've never had

    Good stuff? I’ve never even seen a bottle of Weller anything ever. I’ve bought in my area Pappy, Blantons pops up several times a year as does Stagg Jr. Weller is a Unicorn.
  13. Dizkneelande

    What did MTG say now?

    You’re mad because she stole the lefts playbook?