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  1. Dizkneelande


    Most corrupt administration ever.
  2. Dems are awesome at make poor people poorer
  3. We are at the point where we can no longer coexist.
  4. Dizkneelande

    Guess when Ruth Bader Ginsburg will die

    They use to. There will never be less government.
  5. Dizkneelande

    Guess when Ruth Bader Ginsburg will die

    That’s all they are good at. Ruining crap.
  6. Dizkneelande

    Guess when Ruth Bader Ginsburg will die

    The left ruins everything they touch
  7. Dizkneelande

    Guess when Ruth Bader Ginsburg will die

    Why does it matter? it’s such a bull crap scare tactic. It goes back to the states and last I checked Alabama was the only state it was completely illegal.
  8. Dizkneelande

    More BLM Fun

    He should have backed over him
  9. Dizkneelande

    Bronan is lighting up Antifaguys

    Almost 20 years and I got 100 days last year for calling Liz Warren a fake Indian. There’s folks there I want to legit fistfight.
  10. Why? Because at 18 they don’t vote for the full blown commies in California?
  11. Dizkneelande

    Joe Biden said what?

    This guy can’t even do an interview without a friggin teleprompter. Trump wins 48 states.
  12. Now let’s do Lizzy fake Indian Warren
  13. The primaries were a test run for how far they can push the fraud. I haven’t looked at other states but, Massachusetts just had a record turnout. I find that hard to believe considering it’s virtually impossible to win as an R here and the whole rona thing going on. “In total, 1,706,992 ballots were cast, Galvin said. The vast majority of them, 1,427,868, were in the Democratic primary, with 272,648 in the Republican primary, 4,871 in the Libertarian primary and 1,605 in the Green-Rainbow Primary, according to Galvin.” Previous record was 1.5mil 30 years ago.
  14. Dizkneelande

    The worst generation ever.

    Best day ever was when my mom brought me home a ColecoVision. It had a huge crack in it because she worked the returns department at Toys R Us.