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  1. Dizkneelande

    Texas high school cancels graduation

    Pretty sure reparations will fix this
  2. Dizkneelande

    Boom! Disney getting canceled 🤣😅

    NYT says the little mermaid movie is missing kink. Leftist pedo apologists are outraged.
  3. Dizkneelande

    January 6th Insurrection = Complete Bull

    Tim is part of the 26% that believe corporate media is trustworthy but you’re the one that is stupid and getting lied to.
  4. Dizkneelande

    CBDC rollout in july

    90% of the country will be against this but half of them will still vote Democrat because Republicans suck and sides and stuff.
  5. Dizkneelande

    Fed Now

    How does it get fixed?
  6. Dizkneelande

    The border invasion is fully underway

    40 million anecdotes
  7. Dizkneelande

    Here comes the debt ceiling crisis: June 1

    Because you’re a servant. It’s why everyone that sells more than $600 on eBay or other platforms that record transactions will receive a 1099k. We now get taxed on items we sell that we already paid taxes on.
  8. Dizkneelande

    Here comes the debt ceiling crisis: June 1

    I want to scrap our tax system for something fair for everyone. Also you suck at math. You could confiscate all the wealth of every billionaire in the country and it wouldn’t make a dent.
  9. Dizkneelande

    CBDC rollout in july

    It’s not about information you dumb sh!t.
  10. Dizkneelande

    Here comes the debt ceiling crisis: June 1

    Paul dogcows Krugman thinks billionaires pay income tax and tripling their taxes will put a dent in this issue. Year Surplus/deficit in trillion U.S. dollars '28* -1.38 '27* -1.31 '26* -1.36 '25* -1.53 '24* -1.74 '23* -1.56 '22 -1.36 '21 -2.78 '20 -3.13 '19 -0.98 '18 -0.78 '17 -0.67 '16 -0.58 He also thinks raising corporate tax rates back to 38% will double the revenue Characteristic Revenues in billion U.S. dollars 2033* 539 2032* 527 2031* 527 2030* 520 2029* 514 2028* 506 2027* 494 2026* 495 2025* 489 2024* 479 2023* 475 2022 425 2021 372 2020 212 2019 230 2018 204.7 2017 297 2016 299.6 2015 343.8 2014 320.7 2013 273.5 2012 242.3 2011 181.1
  11. Dizkneelande

    Here comes the debt ceiling crisis: June 1

    None of what you wrote pays back 32 trillion dollars in a “couple” years and your numbers are pure fiction and have been debunked by credible economists. All you have is far left talking points.
  12. Dizkneelande

    Cancel Bud Light!

  13. Dizkneelande

    Here comes the debt ceiling crisis: June 1

    I don’t see how adjusting tax rates upward and cutting spending will have any impact in our current system. I’m willing to listen because you are reasonable. 2 things IMO need to happen. We need to drastically reduce the size and scope of the Fed and, we need a fair tax system. If replaced with a VAT/consumption tax implemented progressively to offset the (what would have been) regressive nature of a sales tax while returning constitutionally responsibilities back to the states, it could work. Unfortunately, people are split between status quo, flat tax, and fair tax. So, we’ll never get any movement on this. Also, I’m all for California keeping a majority of their tax revenues and reducing the Fed back to its original intentions. It’s another thing that will never happen because the left and their copartners in the uni-party want to expand the size and scope of the Fed and have zero interest in returning economic power back to the states. This could be accomplished by eliminating all the repetitive agencies in the Fed. Dept of Ed budget is $175 bil alone. I hadn’t been over there in a while but remember years ago someone at the other board making a very compelling case about this. net/net things will continue to get worse for average Americans and Tim will keep getting his talking point memos from msnbc.