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  1. Wait until the de-transitioner lawsuits start happening in mass numbers. When you cut the d!cks off 12 and thirteen year olds it’s hard to argue duty of care was not violated. Billions Jerry, billions. Then all the retarded leftists here will gaslight and say they were never for this like the retard above.
  2. Dizkneelande

    The state of the Presidential race

    Nicole Wallace told him that so the useful idiot is repeating the corporate talking points.
  3. Dizkneelande

    June 27 Presidential debate

    Highly likely these new cheap fakes are indistinguishable
  4. So we’re just changing definitions now? noun: threat; plural noun: threats a statement of an intention to inflict pain, injury, damage, or other hostile action on someone in retribution for something done or not done.
  5. Dizkneelande

    June 27 Presidential debate

    They need time to test out the new cocktail.
  6. In 6-3 decision issued today, the Supreme Court ruled that 1) a jury must be unanimous in its findings on criminal convictions, and 2) sentencing enhancements cannot be arbitrarily implemented by judicial fiat. Too bad losers.
  7. See guys with this piece of crap it’s (D)different. Keep moving the goalposts fatboy
  8. Guy is an amalgamation of Keith Olberman and Rachel Maddow only fatter and thinks he’s the good guy. Total clown.
  9. Did it make you sick when the deranged commie leftist showed up outside justice Kavanaughs house with a gun, pepper spray and zip ties fatboy?
  10. Dizkneelande

    June 27 Presidential debate

    Putin wants Trump to win so bad that when the entirety of the communist left called the laptop Russian disinformation, he said nothing.