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  1. Dizkneelande

    How often do you cook dinner at home?

    My wife cant cook a TV dinner. We eat out Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I cook Monday - Thursday.
  2. Dizkneelande

    Many Saints of Newark: A Sopranos story

    It sucks hard
  3. Dizkneelande

    Playboy - WHAT IN THE HOLY FOCK???

    Men have a right to be on the cover of playboy?
  4. That conspiracy ###### makes 30mil a year on Primetime and Alex Jones is deplatformed. Who has been more right?
  5. Dizkneelande

    New Netflix show: Clickbait

    I agree. The chick with the bowl cut sucks.
  6. This is how you know they are gaslighting CRT (well a lot of us already knew). This should be the lead story on every MSM platform. Instead we get crickets, we don’t understand CRT, it’s only in Universities and whats wrong with teaching about slavery from the fake news crew.
  7. Dizkneelande

    Critical Race Theory

  8. Climate Czar Kerry couldn’t take a 2 hour boat ride from Nantucket? Had to fly private.
  9. Dizkneelande

    Mount Rushmore of Clint Eastwood movies...

    Every Which Way But Loose The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Dirty Harry Escape From Alcatraz The Outlaw Josey Wales
  10. But she got an economics degree from BU!!!
  11. Dizkneelande

    Why Murca doesn't suck

  12. Seven places with the term "darkey" (an offensive term for Black Americans)
  13. Five places are named "Anna," which once meant "Ain’t No (N-words) Allowed" to Black travelers since some were sundown towns — places Black people weren't allowed after dark.
  14. Dizkneelande

    Marjorie Taylor Greene

    Degree in Economics BTW BU was my backup school
  15. I use to not think this but the past 4 years has made me realize how utterly dumb they are.