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  1. not titans

    Who Am I, and Why Am I Black?

    Had to be done. Carry on.
  2. Wasn't he one of the man show hosts too? Him and Adam Carolla? And now, girls on trampolines! Man the 90s were a better time.
  3. not titans

    Man dies after encounter with Minneapolis Police

    Fock that is bad. This one is the worst of these I've seen. That cop is a complete doosh and was enjoying tortuting they guy. He deserves to go down for manslaughter for sure, and murder isn't outside the realm of the possible.
  4. Honestly it wouldn't change much. The party leadership on both sides controls the vote on damn near everything. If they feel they don't, they bury it and it never comes to a vote anyway.
  5. not titans

    Joe Biden said what?

    Me neither. The center looks like hold the nose and vote Trump to me. The liberals really just don't get how a platform of socialism, race baiting, illegal immigrant favoring and gender weirdism just doesn't fly for a huge swath of Americans.
  6. See, this is bs too. The Republicans are far less right than they have been in my lifetime. You don't hear much about right wing crap in politics anymore, socially. Where is Trump so far to the right? Actually wanting border control and enforcement of immigration law? The horror! Anything else? Oh yeah, banning mentally ill transgendered people from serving in the military. That's pretty far right. /s The fact that you think that is so far right shows how far left the democrats and their media handpuppet are. You guys call Trump Hitler and a fascist over stuff that is a matter of course in most countries, and overwhelmingly supported by the American populace. All the democrats have are wacko far left ideas and cries of bigotry, which are less and less effective the more they use it, and the more they apply it in a hypocritical fashion. Twice in a row now they gave coughed up a candidate that even most democrats I know agree is a bad candidate. Maybe it's time to go back to the drawing board.
  7. not titans

    Ruin a band by changing one letter

    Barenaked Laddies
  8. not titans


    Sorry, the top part of your post is largely incomprehensible gibberish. But right back at ya on the fock you part.
  9. not titans

    Ruin a band by changing one letter

    The Beagles
  10. not titans


    You see, apparently, the immortal, eternal, omnipotent creator of heaven and earth has quite the ego. He really gets p!say when the creatures he created and set in a world rife with disease and danger and poverty and tragedy don't constantly grovel and kiss his ass and tell him how awesome he is.
  11. not titans

    Joe Biden said what?

    Banning travelers from a place with a highly infectious epidemic outbreak... Racist. Telling people they are obligated to think and vote a certain way because of skin color... Not racist. What a bunch of clowns.
  12. not titans

    Hey New Yorkers - PSA

    Oh I agree. He's a complete joke.
  13. It's seriously like the left just likes losing elections.