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  1. BCamper09

    Finals and Off-season Info

    The app as a whole is about as close to perfect as you can get. I’ve used ESPN, Yahoo, et al… none are remotely close. From trading picks (including futures), to running polls in the league wide chat, to just the fluidity of it. Also very easy to go into a separate chat for 1 on 1 conversations, which generally results in more trades/trade talk. If you can think of it, the app has it. Also tracks prior seasons/champions. And I believe you can actually even manually input it all too, so if we wanted to make sure “legacies” live on in past seasons, I believe it can be done.
  2. BCamper09

    Finals and Off-season Info

    GG’s, gentleman. Went back to back highest scores of my year to shock the world.
  3. BCamper09

    Finals and Off-season Info

    I don’t mind running the league, under the condition we move it to Sleeper. I’ve been a part of it as a literal child, and 20 years later don’t want to see it start to wilt. I think the app does hold us back on doing very cool things, however. Good luck Lamar. Here’s to hopefully not having to face him
  4. BCamper09

    Playoff matchups!

    Here’s to hoping Lamar can’t play next week! Attempting to go from league champ, to last, and then back to league champ!
  5. BCamper09

    Poll: Establish a prize pool?

    Wish this was a question last season! However, down for whatever payout. I did like the suggestion in another thread of the division winners getting their money back, and then I’d pay out the champ
  6. MoTown receives: Jordan Howard, HB, MIA Abullah receives: John Ross, WR, CIN + 2020 4th rounder + 2021 4th rounder
  7. BCamper09

    2020 Check-in

    Additionally, I’m (MoTown Brawlers) looking for a QB1. Willing to listen to anything; prefer to trade picks
  8. BCamper09

    2020 Check-in

    The Champ is here