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  1. Looking for players: Draftkings style playoff league. Build a new roster each week of the playoffs. Highest score after the super bowl wins. $25 through fantrax treasurer. https://www.fantrax.com/newui/fantasy/joinLeague.go?leagueId=jtu9x44rkxyo1ftn
  2. $100 Dynasty league with IDP needs 1 owner. We use fantrax treasurer for secure payment. 16 team league on fantrax with full IDP roster including "edge" position. IDP scoring rewards big plays (6 for sacks/INT's) Open team has Cam, D. Adams, D. Parker, K. Bourne, J. Conner, Wentz, M. Andrews, OBJ. IDP: C. Heyward, Sweat, Cunningham, V. Miller. Team has pick 1.05 and all draft capitol is intact. We have a very active and dedicated league. If you're interested email me at drewdunn0713@gmail.com
  3. Fantrax league, $100 entry fee paid through fantrax treasurer, 16 teams, ppr, full IDP roster with “edge” position, rookie draft in august with free agency periods before and after draft. The team available has players like R. Wilson, Ekeler and D. Waller so it’s not an abused team. Feel free to email me at drewdunn0713@gmail.com
  4. drewdunn0713

    $100 Startup dynasty with IDP

    Would like to start draft tomorrow
  5. $100 Entry fee 16 team. Offensive roster standard with 2 flex IDP. Standard ppr scoring with balanced IDP scoring. Using Fantrax with Fantrax treasurer for league fees.League is complete with a full IDP roster, FAAB, and player contracts, Looking for active players who won’t abandon teams. Email me at drewdunn0713@gmail.com for more info
  6. We use fantrax treasurer for security, 16 teams, PPR, full IDP roster, with contracts and FAAB. Snake draft with randomly generated order, Draft will be a slow draft once the league fills, FAAB that carries over each year, rookies are on 4 year contracts that you can use FAAB to resign, PPR and balanced IDP scoring Looking active owners who won’t abandon teams to make this the best dynasty league you have. If interested email me at drewdunn0713@gmail.com Need 1 more owner. Looking to start draft ASAP