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  1. A few teams still available http://www.fantasytimesports.com/Forsaleteams2020.htm League Rules http://www.fantasytimesports.com/football_keeperleague_rules.htm Get in the action before it is to late Email - fntasytime@aol.com
  2. Sorry, the league filled up and is now drafting. For those of you looking to join a keeper league, here are some teams ready to go for this season. Online since 1999 http://www.fantasytimesports.com/Forsaleteams2020.htm Email fntasytime@aol.com with any questions or to opt in on a team. Less than a week to go to get into the action
  3. Hello Fellow Fantasy Football Die hard owners, Here is a link to a few teams with openings in leagues that have been online since 1999. Well estabilshed keeper leagues that will be here year in and year out. http://www.fantasytimesports.com/Forsaleteams2020.htm Leagues are $50 and $75 leagues and run just like the real thing. Free Agency, Drafts, in season play, and Playoffs. Team are ready to go and ready for in season play. Check them out and reply soon in order to get that team you want. Email - fntasytime@aol.com
  4. Are you looking to join a re drafting league? This season we have just a coupe spots open in our league. We will start drafting Thursday night $25 per entry. You will draft your team live online in our draft room. Round 1 will begin 9/3/20 or as soon as the league is full. This league drafts new each year. League Rules/Prizes: http://www.fantasytimesports.com/football_regseas_rules.htm Day 1 of the draft, each team will be required to make a pick in round one. Once completed the draft timer will be set to 3 hours time limit between 7 AM and 11 PM daily to complete all picks (timer will delay from Midnight - 6am east. although picks can continue. If picks are not completed for the rosters prior to 9/8/18 the draft timer will be turned on to 2 minutes at 7 PM until all teams rosters are full. Draft your team, play in a 13 weeks season of the football season, make the playoffs and compete for the top prize in the playoffs. Rosters will be made up of 16 positions 2 QB 4RB 4 WR 2 TE 2 K 2 D 13 teams confirmed already, get in the game today. Email fntasytime@aol.com to get set up.