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    Hello all, I have a dynasty draft today with the #7 & #19 picks. I want a useful RB& WR. The tope five picks are going to be the top five RB’s (CEH, Taylor, Swift, Akers, Dobbins). Burrow is going #6. I’m left with either going WR or reaching big for a next tier RB @ #7, like Moss. It should be an easy pick for me, but with where Jeudy and Lamb ended up, there’s circumstance ceiling’s that make me not want them. That means a reach for Reagor, Ruggs or another tier 2 WR, or a tier 2 RB, which does not satisfy me with a #7 overall. With WR so rich, I want an RB with the #7, and then get my WR with #19, but I think that means it would have to be Moss, who’s a mid 2nd. In my league he’ll probably go by the end of the first or early second round, but surely gone by #19. Hopefully I can get some sound advice from some Fantasy experts out here as to what you’d do with the #7 in a .5 PPR dynasty. Oh, and my draft is today! (Sunday), so I’ll be checking back to see what you have to say… Thanks! Bob