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  1. Catt, you're spot on with that description. He looked to be something more special after the 2018 season with that O-line. He's not very mobile and can't deal well with pressure. If he doesn't have a clean pocket with some time, he's not very effective, and this O-line still isn't very good. The Rams also have the second to last passing percentage @ 48% right now, and Goff is averaging only 30 PA's per game. I'm a huge Ram fan but I need to make objective moves in FF. I made the trade and have an extra second now, which I hope will turn into a high pick. We use a 20 man roster with 16 keepers, so a second round pick can have great value. I still have to root for Goff, though!

  2. Yeah, it's a 12 team league. Baker Mayfield just hit the free agent market today. I HATE Baker Mayfield while owning OBJ. I think he truly sucks and will not endure, but it demonstrates what kind of QB's become available in my league. I just pulled the trigger before the offer was rescinded in favor of Mayfield. There's a pretty decent chance this trade partner could miss the playoffs and win the scrub bowl we have for the bottom 6 draft order. If I end up with the 13th or 14th pick, it'll really be a good score. Thanks for the extra reassurance to help me over the edge!

  3. Hello all,

    I've got Lamar Jackson, Aaron Rodgers and Jared Goff on my 20 man/16 keeper dynasty roster. I'm a big Ram fan, but a bigger fan even of my own FF team. As much as I'd like to recognize Goff as a potential FF stud, at this point after one good 2018 season I just have to be objective and say that he isn't ever going to be a top end FF QB. I've never carried three QB's before now, and would rather grab AJ Dillon off waivers to stash behind Aaron Jones, who I also have. I have an offer of a second round draft pick for Goff. Can anyone think of good reason that I shouldn't make this move?

    Thanks for any input...

  4. Hello all, I have a dynasty draft today with the #7 & #19 picks. I want a useful RB& WR. The tope five picks are going to be the top five RB’s (CEH, Taylor, Swift, Akers, Dobbins). Burrow is going #6. I’m left with either going WR or reaching big for a next tier RB @ #7, like Moss. It should be an easy pick for me, but with where Jeudy and Lamb ended up, there’s circumstance ceiling’s that make me not want them. That means a reach for Reagor, Ruggs or another tier 2 WR, or a tier 2 RB, which does not satisfy me with a #7 overall. With WR so rich, I want an RB with the #7, and then get my WR with #19, but I think that means it would have to be Moss, who’s a mid 2nd. In my league he’ll probably go by the end of the first or early second round, but surely gone by #19. Hopefully I can get some sound advice from some Fantasy experts out here as to what you’d do with the #7 in a .5 PPR dynasty. Oh, and my draft is today! (Sunday), so I’ll be checking back to see what you have to say… Thanks!