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  1. DexterM1776

    Secret Of BLM Success

    With every post it's becoming more clear to me why you can only afford to buy two zoom stocks.
  2. DexterM1776

    Mask confrontation today

    What a loser. Don't even engage him just say okay loser and keep moving.
  3. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/09/dhs-memo-names-right-wing-extremists-biggest-terror-threat-portland-despite-four-months-leftist-riots/ After four months of nearly non-stop nightly riots and destruction in Portland, which have included shooting and killing a Trump supporter, multiple assaults of bystanders, attacking media, people being dragged out of their cars and beaten, buildings set on fire with people inside, molotov cocktails being thrown at police, and other nefarious acts, all at the hands of violent leftists associated with Antifa and Black Lives Matter, Department of Homeland Security agents officially reveal what they consider to be the number one terror threat in the area; “Right wing extremists” and strawmen “white supremacists.”
  4. DexterM1776

    UFC 253

    I was hyped for the championship. And then Costa just stood there made faces and got knocked the F out. What happened to the pitbull? All his fights he moves forward and throws haymakers. This fight he just stood there.
  5. DexterM1776

    UFC 253

    The majority of chick fights sucks.
  6. DexterM1776

    Any Other Cities Bracing For Saturday Night Riots?

    Getting really sick of this crap. How soon until the rest of america gets tired of this crap.
  7. DexterM1776


    I was told this is just some crazy conspiracy theory.
  8. DexterM1776

    Do not call out the enemy

    I thought this was about the J Q
  9. Let's keep in mind that it's white supremacists that are the REAL problem in this country.
  10. These guys love giving me even more reasons to vote trump
  11. Every single election fraud that is happening is done by liberals. Time and time again it's the liberals who are cheating. The GOP has the audacity to ask people have an id to prove you are who you say you are. Save your centrist both sides argument Bull crap. It doesn't hold water.
  12. Some clown in another thread said it was Trump who wouldn't accept the results of the election. My god people are stupid
  13. DexterM1776

    Amy Coney Barrett

    The only reason you won't vote for Trump is some made up reason that he won't accept the results of the election? Have you even been paying attention? What hell have the Democrats been doing these past 4 years? Fake Russian hoax, the riots, the attack on kavenaugh, the impeachment, the attacks on Trump supports, "blood in the streets" and hundred other examples I'm too busy to list. But sure you can't vote for him even though you admit you are better off with Trump as president because you have some made up bullcrap... Okay champ
  14. DexterM1776


    Yup, if we had an actual press that told the American people what happened the public would demand punishment. We don't have that so you're right nothing will happen.