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  1. drunkenmiester

    Hurts or Rivers?

    I'm down, but not badly. I'm leaning toward Hurts for the upside.
  2. drunkenmiester

    Hurts or Rivers?

    Old man Rivers has a higher floor, but Hurts has the higher ceiling. What's your call? Thanks.
  3. drunkenmiester

    Rams DEF or Steelers DEF?

    Go with the Rams. The Steelers are hurting st LB and the Jets are terrible.
  4. drunkenmiester

    Stafford or Rivers?

    Yeah, Rivers has the better match up and weapons, but Stafford is the better player which is why it's a tough call
  5. drunkenmiester

    Different team need 2 RB

    I would probably go Taylor and McKissic. Taylor has a good match up and is the more talented player.
  6. drunkenmiester

    Higgins or Perriman??

    The Jets will be down and with Mims out Perriman should have a lot of targets in come back mode, so I would lean Perriman
  7. drunkenmiester

    Stafford or Rivers?

    I have to pick on for the playoffs this week? Thoughts?
  8. drunkenmiester

    Newton or Brees??

    Newton, if for nothing else his floor with rushing touchdowns