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  1. drunkenmiester

    Best QB to Start This Week

    Made it to the 'ship and kept both Herbert and Stafford all year and added Lance as a possible cheap keeper for next year. With that in mind who would you start this week? Herbert vs Denver (tough pass D) Stafford vs Raven (pass D been getting torched) Lance vs Texans (would likely do most of his damage w/his legs)
  2. drunkenmiester

    Thinking The Unthinkable

    I do not trust Carr or Goff (if playing), so I would probably stick with Mahomes. Wouldn't hurt to pick up Big Ben, if you have the space, since Mahomes could pop positive between now and Sunday as well
  3. drunkenmiester

    Which Defense for week 16?

    Cowboys, Eagles and Dolphins are all rostered. I had decided to go SF, but somehow didn't get the submit button pressed, so riding with the Chargers. Plus side is, I will start SF next week since the have the Texans.
  4. drunkenmiester

    Which Defense for week 16?

    Negative points for your defense giving up 20 plus points. SF against the Titans tonight, who have now lost 3 starting offensive lineman or the Chargers against the Texans without Bosa but the Texans may be without Cooks. Finally, covid is hitting the Chargers hard so no idea how many more defensive players will go down between now and Sunday, so leaning SF. What is everyone else's thoughts?
  5. I own both and I'm starting Gage, so I don't know if that's a good or bad thing for you, however I think Gage is the better option
  6. drunkenmiester

    Which RBs

    Agree with weepaws, above, for upside plays and conner is dinged up
  7. drunkenmiester

    Pick 1 DEF

    Detroit offense has been feasted on all year and Arizona should build a quick lead and force Detroit to throw the ball, leading to both sacks and int's
  8. drunkenmiester

    Playoff Flex Decision

    I'm a little worried about starting 2 Dolphins even though it is the Jets in case the fins have a bad game. If they both have a bad outting it could be trouble, but they do have the best match-up.
  9. drunkenmiester

    Playoff Flex Decision

    . 3 PPR, 12 team league. Need to start 2 of the 4 listed below. What are your thoughts? Hollywood Brown - gimpy or no Lamar and has GB Gaskin - fresh off the covid list and has the Jets Devante Parker - has the Jets and no Waddle Gage - averaging 8 targets/game over the last 4 games and is at SF
  10. drunkenmiester


    Ridley was dropped in my league like because of worries stated in the thread. I picked him up to stash in case he gets on some meds to level himself out. May not happen, but if it does he should be a starter and could be a lottery ticket for an end of year run. The flipside of the coin is he doesn't come back this year and wasted a spot on my bench.
  11. drunkenmiester

    Update: TE1 = Freiermuth, Knox, or Hockenson?

    Now that Big Ben is out, you might want to pivot to Hockenson since no one knows how Knox will do his first game back.
  12. drunkenmiester

    Who to flex

    Agnew has become the defacto #1 in Jacksonville, so I would go with him.
  13. drunkenmiester

    Better Week 9 Flex, Toney or Gaskin?

    Seems now Tua is out, so curious to see how that impacts Gaskin
  14. drunkenmiester

    QB: J. Herbert, or K. Cousins?

    Herbert, he's due for a bounce back game
  15. drunkenmiester

    Better Week 9 Flex, Toney or Gaskin?

    That is a trend I hadn't realized. Thanks for the information.