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  1. Ian K

    Keeper Help - Keep 3 of these guys

    Herbert Metcalf Kittle
  2. I am trying an 8 man PPR league and have 7th pick. I know the big 6 RBs will all go before me. I am looking for advice on best way to go into first two picks (7 & 10th). Obviously Hill or Adams, but on second round another WR or take a RB?? Any advice greatly appreciated!
  3. Ian K

    RB help

    I am in a PPR league and start 2 RBs and flex: Conner Mixon Taylor Gaskin Which 3 start??
  4. Ian K

    Lineup Help, took a beating last week

    Sorry scoring is 0.5
  5. Ian K

    Lineup Help, took a beating last week

    My team that bad or just bad week?
  6. QB: Prescott RB1: Mixon RB2: Ekeler WR1: Thielen WR2: Evans TE: Henry Flex: Taylor Bench: Conner, Ingram, Marquise Brown, Gallup, Fuller, Moss, Malcolm Brown What changes should I be looking at?
  7. Ian K

    Which RB?

    I would go with Gibson, he will take over Washington backfield this week
  8. Ian K

    Non PPR Line up help

    Week one leaves me with couple problems for lineup: With Mike Evan questionable, would I be better to start Marquise Brown or Michael Gallop this week? Also I’m starting Mixon and Ekeler, need to start one of these as flex for week: Jonathan Taylor James Conner Mark Ingram II Thanks for any advice.