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    Interesting Year

    In the draft this year I had to decide between Lamar Jackson and Jalen Hurts in Round 6. Went with Jackson and Hurts went 2 picks later. Both teams made Playoffs 1st and 2nd seeds. Turned out this made no difference in Regular season. I would have won or lost every game the same. The Team that took Hurts would have had the same record. Of course He won with Hurts the first week of playoffs and I lost (with Hurts I would have won) . Note: My BU QB was Goff and he had TUA
  2. leemer

    Interesting Year

    Yeah, Really screwed that draft up. Only finishing 1st and 2nd seeds. If we had not taken the QB's could have done better I guess.
  3. leemer

    Who has the "stones" to sit Saquon?

    Half, PPR would be easy. As would Standard
  4. leemer

    Who has the "stones" to sit Saquon?

    Same boat. Trying to Decide between Barkley and Brian Robinson Jr. Tough Call
  5. leemer

    TE Help .5 PPR

    Have Evan Engram with Goedert on IR. Play Goedert if he plays? Feel like Engram had his blow up week last week (good for me after claiming him on waivers going into week 14) and his ceiling is around 15 pts this week, which would be good. Engram Last 6 weeks 13.5 : 1.3 : 2.9 : 0.9 : 11.5 : 36.7 Side note: Any thought on sitting Barkley for Brian Robinson
  6. leemer

    Week 15 Lineup Help

    Half Point PPR WR2 DJ Chark at Jets Mid 30's wind wnw 10 to 14 Note: Will have to start Goff Darius Slayton at Washington Mid 30's wind wnw 10 to 14 Christian Watson home to LA rams 10 to 15 Degree wind w 8 to 12 DJ Moore at Pitt 28 to 32 Degrees wind WSW 10 to 14 Traylon Burks at Chargers Mid 60's wind S 2 to 6 Flex Brian Robinson Jr Home to Giants Zonovan Knight Home to Det
  7. leemer

    Playoff Adjustments?

    I am about 99% change of making playoffs and determining final moves. Looking at the Following option CURRENT Defenses KC W15 vs Houston, W16 vs Seattle, W17 vs Denver DEN W16 Vs Rams (Only week I would play them over KC) CURRENT QB Lamar Jackson and Jared Goff Mike White (great playoff sch). Could try and get him off waivers and Drop Denver.
  8. leemer

    Playoff Adjustments?

    Taylor Huntley for Baltimore is also available
  9. leemer

    WR Help Pick 1 Half PPR

    DJ Moore Allen Robinson Darius Slayton Mike Williams (All the others play a noon on Sunday)
  10. QB - Lamar Jackson RBs - Dalvin Cook, Saquan Barkley, Breece Hall, James Cook, Brian Robinson Jr WRs - DJ Moore, Mike Williams, Allen Robinson III, Rashod Bateman, Trelon Burks TEs - Dawson Knox, Cameron Brate D - Miami K - Lutz, New Orleans
  11. leemer

    Chiefs @ Chargers: TNF Discussion

    What fun watch when your opponent has Mahomes and Kelce. Looking good with 10 mins to go then
  12. Half - Point PPR - I have already locked up a top seed for the playoffs which gives me a bye in week 14. My Next real game will be week 15 I have two IR Sots available (Currently Filled) Would you drop any of following RB's (Cook, Swift, Jordan Howard, Dontrell Hilliard, Rex Burkhead) for either Boston Scott, Matt Breda, Ameer Abdulla, Jeremy Mcnichols. Also attempting to pick up Foster Moreau to backup Darren Waller for the payoffs. Obviously if One of the injured backs is ruled out for the season I would make a move but waiver is Wednesday Morning and it is unlikely we get clarity before that.
  13. leemer

    How to setup team for playoffs

    Also I have Howard in an IR slot so could not drop him and add and active player until Cook,Swift or Waller ae officially ruled out. (still questionable on ESPN)
  14. leemer

    How to setup team for playoffs

    Howard is hurt but should be back by week15.
  15. Half-Point PPR Should I play Devonta Freeman Thursday if Murray is still out. Would have to play him over Deandre Swift or Robert Woods/Mike Williams at Flex Also have D'ernest Johnson on bench if Chubb is out which we won't know till after thursday's game
  16. Adrian Peterson vs LAR D'Ernest Johnson vs CIN Jordan Howard vs LAC Devonta Freeman vs MIN
  17. leemer

    Half Point PPR, which RB to start (1)

    Freeman for sure if Murray is out.
  18. leemer

    Intentionally lose in Week 1

    1999 Had Starting QB Testaverde go down in the first game of the season - lost badly. Who the Heck is this Kurt Warner guy from St. Louis, well guess I'll grab him off waivers.
  19. Half Point PPR 1 RB and 1 Flex Diontea Johnson Mike Davis Jerrick Mckinnon Kareem Hunt Darrell Henderson Jr