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  1. Mufaletta

    The Poop Knife..

    Back in the day, was living with several guys and we all shared a single throne. We hung a clipboard with a notebook within arms reach that contained the Log Log. Every deposit was recorded, date/time, consistency, size, corn or no corn, etc.
  2. Mufaletta

    Who proudly flies the American Flag?

    Flys out in front. Alternate between 50 star "new flag" and 13 star original
  3. Mufaletta

    Best TV Theme Song

  4. regularly cleaning the gutters. They have growing out the seams
  5. Mufaletta

    What happened to the the riots?

    The free snacks van can't get anyone to work handing out free munchies since they are all sitting home drawing free Federal unemployment overlays on top of their state unemployment benefits. Who wants to riot if there are no free snacks?
  6. Mufaletta

    The wommens draft

    In. In light of new developments, should add a nurse category
  7. Mufaletta

    Legit - Rob a Bank - How would you do it?

    Simply buy the shareholders out of a mid sized, privately owned regional bank at 3x book value, using massive leverage from debt obtained from Softbank. Then merge it into a SPAC, pull out huge management fees, raise more capital with a shelf offering, run a massive social media marketing campaign with buzzwords (The first digital blockchain enabled bank built for millennials!) and dump the over priced shares on public market bag holders.
  8. Mufaletta

    Who here has or would let a sibling live with you?

    worked out great for Charlie Harper
  9. Mufaletta

    Why do you love the Geek Club?

    Because the chance of having to read a whimpy, whining post from Jolene Bryant or any of the other f-ball f*gs in here is right at 0%
  10. Mufaletta

    Anyone Remember This 80's Gem ?

    solid evidence that Morgan Freeman has been in every movie ever made
  11. Mufaletta

    Best TV Curmudgeon

    Very well written show, with solid acting. No conflict, big or small, that Barney couldn't smooth over in 25 minutes.
  12. Mufaletta

    Best TV Curmudgeon

    Bundy at #1 by a big margin Archie Bunker #2 Abe Vigoda as Phil Fish #3
  13. Mufaletta

    Add a word to a band name and ruin it

    Pink Taco
  14. Mufaletta

    Getting over an addiction/habit

  15. Mufaletta

    It's a brown liquor Friday

    Bushmills 16 year single malt