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  1. Mufaletta

    Beautiful Animals Surrounding Us

    Boo in Two Weeks . . .
  2. Mufaletta

    trivia question

    New York, San Fran, Portland, Oakland, CA
  3. 8:39 - "tax free money" She isn't reporting this on 1040 Schedule 1? smh LOL.
  4. Mufaletta

    WDIS Week #4 QB

    This would be Goff for me. Lions defense is much improved.
  5. Mufaletta

    So how do the Dems eliminate Biden?

    as if THAT were the deciding factor in Hillary's disastrous campaign?
  6. Mufaletta

    So how do the Dems eliminate Biden?

    In urban areas, they don't even close on election day or for days afterwards if necessary.
  7. Mufaletta

    So how do the Dems eliminate Biden?

    DeSantis was a fool for running in '24. He was very popular in FL, could have simply stayed seated in the Gov chair, and been in an almost no lose situation in '28. If Trump won in '24, and DeSantis backed him, DeSantis would have been in prime position to enter the '28 race as a front runner. If Trump loses in '24 to Birdbrain, the country would be such a mess by '28, that DeSantis would win in a landslide. Patience is a virtue, and DeSantis lack of it may have now cost him a shot at ever becoming President.
  8. Mufaletta

    So how do the Dems eliminate Biden?

    Well, Dallas' mayor just flipped from (D) to (R), so blatantly illegal acts sanctioned by the mayor (ala '63) are probably off the table now.
  9. Mufaletta

    So how do the Dems eliminate Biden?

    Biden has slipped so badly in the polls that he is now trailing Marianne Williamson for the (D) nomination?
  10. Mufaletta

    North Carolina Mom. Nail meet head.

    She is like many conservative and moderate mom's in the country right now. 5 years ago, she was only a little agitated. 15 years ago, she was considered "normal" by all standards, left and right. The continued slippage in our public schools and the veering further and further away from educational and traditional societal values and towards the margins and appeasing the fringe identity politics folks have pushed her to the state she is in. She is not alone. Mom's for Liberty is an organized nationwide example of fighting this slow drift into the gutter, but there are groupos of mom's all over the country that are only organized on a local basis that are just like her and are fed up. America used to have the #1 public school system on the planet. We used to say the Pledge of Allegience in class. PTA's used to be welcomed and embraced by the school administration and teachers alike. Now we have nitwits like this Secretary of State who consider parents to be "random" and think parents should stay out of the "business" of public schools grooming kids to be future perverts.
  11. https://nymag.com/intelligencer/2015/09/frank-rich-in-praise-of-donald-trump.html "Far from destroying our democracy, he’s exposing all its phoniness and corruption in ways as serious as he is not. And changing it in the process"
  12. Mufaletta


    Well, with one guy you get a dude with youth, enthusiasm, hunger to prove himself and 4.46 speed who had over 1,300 yards rushing his final year of college. With the other guy you get the dude that couldn't land on an NFL team over the summer, who kicked a 19 year old in an elevator, and attempted to strangle his pregnant girlfriend in his final year in college.
  13. Mufaletta

    2023 Bold Predictions

    well, at least one of these still has a shot
  14. Mufaletta

    2023 Bold Predictions