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  1. Mufaletta

    My Mount Rushmore Of 80 Guitars Players

    Jerry Reed
  2. Mufaletta

    49ers get 7 compensatory picks

    and Rams get 4. The NFL loves Cali !! Full list: https://www.nfl.com/news/2023-nfl-draft-nfl-awards-37-compensatory-picks-to-16-teams
  3. Mufaletta

    Where does Aaron Rodgers play next year?

    If he is traded to Jets, won't he be obligated to text photos of his junk to the first hot sideline reporter he sees?
  4. Mufaletta

    Getting Laid Music Thread

  5. Mufaletta

    Teh Footballguys forums are finished?

    Joe (she/her/clown/clown-self) would likely do all the above plus force all users to list how they voted in the mid terms in their profile.
  6. Mufaletta

    Things women are so much good at compared to men

    Remembering what a Dr said at an appointment Decorating the Christmas tree Cleaning the toilet
  7. Mufaletta

    404 Not Found

    Just a note to let everyone know that the Foo**ll Gheys forums have been 404 Not Found all day. Might be a Monkey Pox outbreak.
  8. Mufaletta

    Name your favorite Hollywood badass old man

    My vote goes to Chazz Palminteri. Prior to getting his acting break, he was a bouncer, not some waitress. He is a back the blue supporter. And most importantly, long before most of the country realized it, he knew DeNiro was a pinky, cuck liberal and threatened to beat his ass onscreen back in '93!
  9. Mufaletta

    Golfers -- what are your 14 clubs?

    Driver Adams Tightlies 3W Adams Tightlies 5W 3 Iron 4 Iron 5 Iron 7 Iron 8 Iron 9 Iron Sand Wedge Pitching Wedge Lob Wedge Hybrid Chipper Putter
  10. Mufaletta

    Kyle Rittenhouse - Criminal or Hero?

    The pedophile was Rosenbaum. Huber was the guy who tried to kill his own brother by slicing his throat with a knife. He also had multiple felony domestic abuse charges on his record.
  11. Mufaletta

    Kyle Rittenhouse - Criminal or Hero?

    Patriots show up to Kenosha community planning meeting this week to object to proposal to memorialize violent felon Anthony Huber (who tried to kill Rittenhouse) in a park.
  12. Mufaletta

    Thread about Biden’s accomplishments

    gets plenty of rest
  13. Mufaletta

    Anybody got HBO?

    don't piss off Susan Dey!
  14. Mufaletta

    Here's how you know you're OG

    You know what to do with a payphone when you see one