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  1. BeenHereBefore

    Wagering thread

    The Setup game of the week! Detroit -2 to the Vikings.
  2. BeenHereBefore

    Wagering thread

    What I was thinking and someone for them has to be used.
  3. BeenHereBefore

    Wagering thread

    Cam Akers O 43.5 Rush Derek Carr 0 1.5 TDS DaVante Adams Anytime TD
  4. They want them to come forward and don't want to them to think they are after them or in trouble. If they say POI's or suspects LE is afraid they won't come forward. Just my two cents on it.
  5. Which is another word for police saying they are POI's without applying it. LE mostly likely thinks these could be the killer or killers.
  6. BeenHereBefore

    The Arch Deluxe (McDonalds Burger)

    Playing for Texas ?
  7. What Do The Pittsburgh Pirates Do With The 1 Pick ?
  8. BeenHereBefore

    Does anybody like Ted cruz? And if so, why?

    that's good too!!!!!! I spent my summer in the gym and pretty much this fall too.
  9. BeenHereBefore

    Aaron Judge, 9 years 360M

    This and any team serious about winning championships it's bringing in the top pitchers that count. Anyways I'm somewhat of a Yanks fan and glad they sign him and he was fun to watch last season.
  10. BeenHereBefore

    Top 35 Sitcoms of the 1980's - PER IMDB - Sperm off

    This post makes me think about the TV draft we had and lot of stuff brought up was mentioned in it.
  11. BeenHereBefore

    Does anybody like Ted cruz? And if so, why?

    Haven't had a drink since July and down 45 lbs cut and muscular, all about the Corolla and Monte Carlo now.
  12. BeenHereBefore

    The Arch Deluxe (McDonalds Burger)

    Think I had it a few times and like it. Anyone else remember it ? https://getpocket.com/explore/item/the-arch-deluxe-was-a-hell-of-a-burger-it-was-also-mcdonald-s-most-expensive-flop?utm_source=pocket-newtab
  13. BeenHereBefore

    Your favorite stooge.

    Curly wins this.