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  1. BeenHereBefore

    General beginner gambling…

    Yikes on that last play.
  2. BeenHereBefore

    General beginner gambling…

    ML mostly and yes whoever played against them. was the Pirates, Texas and forget the other team. I'm think of trying that in the NHL soon.
  3. BeenHereBefore

    General beginner gambling…

    I did alright last year betting against the three worse teams in MLB everyday.
  4. BeenHereBefore

    Type “Betty White” in Google search

    Haven't done it but heard of what it says.
  5. BeenHereBefore

    General beginner gambling…

    I'm thinking Rams and over.
  6. BeenHereBefore

    Pawn Shops

    If he did it was for long and he's been the new eps the last couple years.
  7. BeenHereBefore

    Anyone into Ozark?

    Yea I been watching it for around 3 years or a bit more
  8. BeenHereBefore

    Let’s Do A Top Ten Eighties Rock Band Thread

  9. BeenHereBefore

    Name The Next Covid Variant

    Dallas Cowboys and goes away in January. Strong virus in the fall. To soon ?
  10. BeenHereBefore

    ***happy football day super wild card weekend***

    And The Browns too.
  11. BeenHereBefore

    ***happy football day super wild card weekend***

    Pitt will get a garbage td to make that not happen.
  12. BeenHereBefore

    Name The Next Covid Variant

    Cobra Kia