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  1. BeenHereBefore

    What do you carry on your person?

    Flash Drive ? Is the CIA after you and you have vital information ?
  2. BeenHereBefore

    Mount Rushmore Of Superheroes

    My Choices Superman Batman Spiderman Hulk
  3. BeenHereBefore

    Mount Rushmore Of Superhero Villains

    My Choices The Joker Green Goblin Lex Luthor The Riddler
  4. BeenHereBefore

    What do you carry on your person?

  5. BeenHereBefore

    What do you carry on your person?

    You know they make things called suitcases.
  6. BeenHereBefore

    What do you carry on your person?

    Yes water bottle for gym unless I buy one there.
  7. BeenHereBefore

    What do you carry on your person?

    Car keys with gym thing and grocery store thing on them, cash and cigs. Sometimes driver license if needed. No phone.
  8. BeenHereBefore

    Scared the crap outta this poor guy

    I'm glad no animals was harmed.
  9. BeenHereBefore

    Mount Rushmore Of Superheroes

    I posted the topic and will give it a try. Yes Spiderman does as well.
  10. BeenHereBefore

    Mount Rushmore Of Superheroes

    We could do a Mount Rushmore of Villains but think it would be a lot of Batman villain's choices.
  11. BeenHereBefore

    Mount Rushmore Of Superheroes

    Or Cosplay.
  12. BeenHereBefore

    Mount Rushmore Of Superheroes

    It has to be done to get the 4 best.
  13. BeenHereBefore

    Anybody See Shazam

    Is Batman in it ?
  14. 1. Johnny Carson - The King!, this one can't be argued 2. David Letterman 3. Jay Leno 4. Conan O'Brien I like Ferguson and some others like Alan Thicke but going with O'Brein cause of longevity. Screw all the new bums but will say Fallen does have some talent.
  15. BeenHereBefore

    Mount Rushmore Of Late Night Talk Show Host

    Not on my list but he is a good choice although I found him kinda boring and more of a journalist. Tom Snyder as well.
  16. BeenHereBefore

    Al Pacino, 83 to welcome 4th child.

  17. BeenHereBefore

    Wagering thread

    I mentioned this a few weeks back and still been doing good at the overs in Baseball. I only take the 9.5 or over 10. Today I like the Reds & Red Sox game and won on the over 9.5 yesterday, today is 10.5. These games have been giving me extra money to lose on the horse races lol.
  18. https://apnews.com/article/russia-ukraine-lindsey-graham-arrest-warrant-52ea51c2f33145badbd0666c4e42da36 MOSCOW (AP) — Russia’s Interior Ministry on Monday issued an arrest warrant for U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham following his comments related to the fighting in Ukraine. In an edited video of his meeting on Friday with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy that was released by Zelenskyy’s office, Graham, a Republican from South Carolina, noted that “the Russians are dying” and described the U.S. military assistance to the country as “the best money we’ve ever spent.” While Graham appeared to have made the remarks in different parts of the conversation, the short video by Ukraine’s presidential office put them next to each other, causing outrage in Russia.
  19. BeenHereBefore

    Favorite Movie Clips

    I win
  20. BeenHereBefore

    Cnn inventoried a new virus to terrify us

    Tell us how you felt about the toilet paper shortage we had.
  21. BeenHereBefore

    CBDC rollout in july

    He was looking for Chinese balloons not your plastic cards, he already has you.
  22. BeenHereBefore

    CBDC rollout in july

    Well if you want to live your life like the frog that slowly got boiled, by all means proceed. But your not blowing that smoke up my arse.
  23. BeenHereBefore

    CBDC rollout in july

    They want to take away Flea Markets, Yard Sales, Friends lending each other money and etc. It's all about control by the government and if you can't see that you are blind.
  24. BeenHereBefore

    Jon Gruden back in the NFL

    I think he was focking the Jews wife.
  25. BeenHereBefore

    I'm Sick Of Some People

    Went to the convenience store earlier today and go to pull in, here is this big fat lady with her door wide open bending over scratching off lottery tickets. Did care at all she was blocking the other parking space!