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  1. BeenHereBefore

    There's a Gun Still Smoking in Nashville

    No storytelling in this one but didn't know she did this song.
  2. BeenHereBefore

    Ben Askren vs. Jake Paul

    I use to wrestle in high school for a year and taught me don't mess with a wrestler.
  3. BeenHereBefore

    Ben Askren vs. Jake Paul

    Jake Paul's brother Logan is even tougher and was on The Masked Singer.
  4. BeenHereBefore

    I bought a Basketball

    Some of them look pretty nice around that price but I didn't want to pay more then $20. Here is the one I got. https://www.amazon.com/Spalding-NBA-Street-Basketball-Official/dp/B0009VELG4/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=basketball&qid=1618454701&sr=8-2
  5. BeenHereBefore

    I bought a Basketball

    Have outdoor courts around, ball will be here Friday and wanted to go shoot then. High temp is only 50 so may wait a few days.
  6. BeenHereBefore

    What do you do with green potato chips?

    Sale it on Ebay for 3 grand ? Ohh a whole bag ? Then I would ask 10 grand.
  7. BeenHereBefore

    Mad Dogs

    Kinda on the Breaking Bad and Ozark level. Also reminds me a lot of the movie Very Bad Things.
  8. BeenHereBefore

    Mad Dogs

  9. BeenHereBefore

    Who taught you to use a firearm?

    Yea me too man.
  10. BeenHereBefore

    Anybody Ever Boil Bacon ?

    How did that work out for you ? It is pork.
  11. BeenHereBefore

    Listening to Amazon music

    Queen comes on and starts singing mama I just killed a man. I find that gender racist and how does Freddy know that was a man he killed and not a Transgender ? They need to ban that song or change the lyrics for these times!
  12. BeenHereBefore

    Who taught you to use a firearm?

    That is worthless unless you played Super Mario too!
  13. I had to get back on cause of this and think they are scum too. Trump was the monkey in the wrench cause he was neither of the parties. You can say he was hated cause of his mouth and some truth to that. Trump was not involved with the establishment and why he was loved and still is! Now we are back to the corrupt BS with Biden now! Yep we are back to being used again like always and great times to be a American!
  14. BeenHereBefore

    Listening to Amazon music

    He may have killed a Bull Dyke for all we know with the jeans, work boots and flannel shirt!
  15. BeenHereBefore

    Racism is ‘a serious public health threat,’ CDC says

    I take sh!ts that are bigger then racism in this country daily!
  16. BeenHereBefore

    Take on me.....Fock off if you don't like it...

    I like the original but yet way better.
  17. BeenHereBefore

    Take on me.....Fock off if you don't like it...

    Crazy you posted this and me and the GF was listening to Amazon music. Original came on and was telling her acoustic is better. So play the acoustic and she agreed was just a hour or go.
  18. Missed it and bet it was when I was ordering pizza.
  19. BeenHereBefore

    Arcade Rooms

    Yea agree you do rule for that! You beat the game!
  20. BeenHereBefore

    GC Fantasy Nascar

    Cool man and I still have a limited Rusty autograph plaque. Was worth $250 then and sure more now. I always like Rusty when I watched in the 90's and cool to see him tonight.
  21. BeenHereBefore

    What are the long term effects of the covid vaccination?

    We are just sheep to our goverment and how they look at us.
  22. BeenHereBefore

    How Much Alcohol Have You Consumed Since Lock Down ?

    Na my membership ran out a week ago and probably join back up next week for just a month. I want to do more outdoor exercise next month. Covid is starting to rise here again and why I been hesitant.
  23. BeenHereBefore

    GC Fantasy Nascar

    Lame now on 4 pm est on FS1 tomorrow. Like I said they need to start driving in the rain.
  24. BeenHereBefore

    GC Fantasy Nascar

    Dang you rain I had Hamlin for the first stage as well.
  25. BeenHereBefore

    Who taught you to use a firearm?

    Taught myself and my Dad was against guns but when I was old enough bought my own. Turn out my dad love to go shooting guns with me and would buy them himself before he left this sh!tty world. We had a lot of fun shooting them together and good memories.