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  1. killerpopcorn

    How's your Bye week going?

  2. killerpopcorn

    How's your Bye week going?

    I'm 3-3 and about ready to just wing it this week...Is it even worth dropping any one long term? I was thinking dropping Toney, Knox, and sanders or jones. I Can't get rid of Mattison with Chubb hurt now. QB-Tom Brady Super Flex(QB since they get more points) - Empty RB-Darrell Henderson Jr RB-D WIlliams(Chi) Possibly out WR/RB-Alex Collins Possibly out WR-D Hopkins WR- Empty WR/TE-Empty TE-Hunter Henry DP-Darius Leo DEF-Tampa Bay -------------------------- Bench Nick Chubb-Out Dalvin Cook-Bye Alexander Mattison- Bye Keenan Allen-Bye Dawson Knox-Bye Kirk Cousins-Bye Marvin Jones Jr-Bye Emmanuel Sanders-Bye Kadarius Toney-Doubtful
  3. killerpopcorn

    Skibum - Axe Elf bet

    I think Axe was betting more on a mental breakdown from AB to take the jackpot.
  4. killerpopcorn

    Matthew Berry's Love/Hate

    I start 3 WR's in my leagues, between the top 3 he just got me 35.1 points @11.7 each....add Cooks and thats 43.1 @ 10.7 each...and these are just for wr2/3 slots depending on how a person drafted and plays the flex.
  5. killerpopcorn

    Henry Ruggs or Tee Higgins?

    I'd role with Ruggs, Carr is throwing a lot and he has a ok match up. Chicago's Def is probably going to be forcing a lot of passing.
  6. killerpopcorn

    Pick 3 - Need assistance

    C. Edwards-Helaire vs BUF Buffalos secondary is gonna be busy, I can see a lot of RPO's and slot passes this game. T. Higgins´╗┐ vs GB Chase is going to get the main coverage and GB's secondary is Meh. L. Shenault vs TEN Both CB's(M Jones Jr's shadow) have allowed 17+ fantasy points per game ...................................................................... My guess is Meyers is going up against Desomnd King whos shutting down WR's only allowing 6+ FPPG Golliday is going up against the best CB in the League right now and I think Barkley has a field day, John ross is back anbd will probably burn Anthony brown(allowing 16+FPPG) to the ground with his speed,
  7. killerpopcorn

    Matthew Berry's Love/Hate

    Original list/points................................................Rec/Tar Robert Woods 12...............................4/6 Robby Anderson 6.6........................... 5/11 Kenny Golladay 16.5..........................6/7 Brandin Cooks 8.................................5/7 Brandon Aiyuk 1.5...............................1/3 Marvin Jones (so far, so good) 3.5....3/3(got hurt) Seems legit to me
  8. killerpopcorn

    Awful conundrum please advise?

    I get exactly what your saying... Your RB1 was Monty...you picked up D Williams to replace him. You seen Mattison on the waivers and dropped a kicker(even though you needed him) to pick him up. Now you see both Matty and William's in great matchup's while thinking long-term. You HAVE the back up to your main RB so your not getting rid of him. Matty is only a option if cook is out and if he is its pay dirt for Matty. I would drop Mattison get a kicker and roll Williams...what's the point of having a backup to your RB1 if your not going use it. not to mention all the other RB's on your team. If its to the point your dropping a kicker you need for a back up RB when you have all the others on your team then you really don't need those RB's on your roster. Damien Harris is projected better stats then William's. Only reason he sucked was because TB and NO's have very good Run Def.
  9. killerpopcorn

    Awful conundrum please advise?

    So what's the point of having D William's on your roster? You have a insurance policy(and a good one) to your main RB1 use it. If your wanting points then you need to drop Mattison regardless of cooks status and pick up a kicker.
  10. killerpopcorn

    Awful conundrum please advise?

    If cook starts its probably gonna be a split timeshare to ease Cook back into the grind he was doing before. Williams "Should" straight up work horse the backfield as long as they don't put the rookie in. I see them letting William's loose though since he has proven what he could do last game. Your set on RB's already with insurance on the bears backfield. If cook starts I would drop Mattison and do some research on what kickers you have on the waiver, kickers will get you at least 4-5 points extra avg. or just play with no kicker. I've done that before since the risk/reward for dropping who I had was not worth it. If the other team as someone that played Thursday that didn't pan out I would roll the dice with no kicker.
  11. killerpopcorn

    .5 ppr flex this week

    I would go with Conner, He is seems to be the redzone hog in the backfield. Also as mentioned above Edmonds may Sit
  12. killerpopcorn

    Any Dalvin Cook ankle updates?

    So if you have Mattison and D Williams(Chi) would you still start Matty?
  13. killerpopcorn

    Myles Gaskin

    I dropped him for the correct D William's.
  14. killerpopcorn

    AJ Green

    Maybe it's me and the Fantasy fanboy in me, but he is avg 16.5 YPC the best in his career and he has a QB that can throw now. Don't get me wrong I'm sure its a WRBC type situation, but man when its his day its like 2012-13 all over again. I picked him up in all my leagues. Seems like he is a solid Flex with upside.
  15. killerpopcorn

    Myles Gaskin

    Is he worth dropping and picking someone else up? He is just a filler since I have cook Chubb and Henderson.