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  1. killerpopcorn

    Last minute waiver RB stash

    Who would you stash I'm thinking Rountree?? Larry Rountree III or Kenneth Gainwell
  2. killerpopcorn

    Last on Waivers

    Most the Keeper leagues I am in do the draft are based on final standings and I have never been last. We finally just did a reset and I pulled 1st pick. What are your strategies for week 1 of waivers being in last? -Do you still put in a claim for players? -Do you wait for them to end at 4am and ebay snipe them off the waivers? -Do you save the claim for the next week or two.
  3. killerpopcorn

    Was AxeElf Right?

    To each their own...As long as Chubbs helps get me a W the week I need it I could careless whos right or wrong at the end of the season. I will still honor my/your statement at end. Did you not read my bottom statement/other post about you calling Sammy Watkins payday.
  4. killerpopcorn

    Was AxeElf Right?

    Aaron Jones 5/9/0...2/13/0 Nick Chubb 15/82/2...2/18/0 Seems like Aaron Jones was the "Error" in week 1, I do believe Jones will have way better days ahead of him(I hope since I have him in one of my other leagues). However, Chubb has a way better O-line that will more then likely allow him to a more productive season barring any injury's(same can go for Jones). I know we can play the marry-go-round game of Jones vs Chubb since each person has a particular stat or opinion on why the rank a person. I like to look beyond ADP and rank them how I see players. P.S. I give you street cred on the Sammy W call.
  5. killerpopcorn

    Dynasty Patterson or McKinnon?

    If you have JD Mckissic then I would take Jarret Patterson that way guaranteed to be covered if Gibson goes down.
  6. killerpopcorn

    Flex Help- .5 PPR

    Gaskin and Monty would be my choice if you could start 2. Monty's got a tough match up but he is still the starting RB and worth the roll of the dice.
  7. killerpopcorn

    Who to flex week 1

    Aiyuk @ det...Detroit allowed the most points to WR last year and I don't see anything changing.
  8. killerpopcorn

    Dynasty Patterson or McKinnon?

    Did you mean MCKISSIC? If so I see J.D. McKissic as more value since he is good runner and pass catcher with the ability to start if Gibson went down. I have also heard he put some weight on to be more useful as a running. I don't see Patterson getting a starting job during his nfl time. I see him more of a Utility player like Darren Sproles was.
  9. killerpopcorn

    Flex Help- .5 PPR

    Im rolling Gaskin, Apart from the games he missed last year 8/10 games produced double digit points and those two games being 8+ points as well. If the WR core pans out for Tua it will open up Gaskins lanes even more. He is a pass catching back with good hands. Monty is a gamble with the rams defense. he posted a 14/48/avg3.4...5/21 last year against the rams. Gage is probably good for 6-7 points with the possibility of a Antonio Brown type game depending on who the eagles put Slay on which I'm assuming will be Ridley.
  10. killerpopcorn

    Share What Opening Day Means to You

    My statement was on topic but that flew over your head.
  11. killerpopcorn

    Share What Opening Day Means to You

    My reference to drafting Chubb over Jones being an “Error”(other forum) in your eyes.
  12. killerpopcorn

    D'Andre Swift

    I personally avoided all lions players other then Amon-Ra St. Brown as a stash. However, knowing how Goff was with Gurley I see swift getting some.
  13. killerpopcorn

    Nyheim Hines: New Contract vs. W2W FF-value

  14. killerpopcorn

    Share What Opening Day Means to You

    I'll be danged if you think your not gonna see my post about Chubb ousting Aaron Jones this season. So, I didn't really have anything opening day to be precise. However, football got me through boredom in the hospital after having spine fusion surgery last year. Apart from the interruptions of the nurses making me get out of bed and walk the halls and the Magnesium citrate kicking in(my right of passage out of the hospital if you catch what I'm saying). Speaking of Magnesium citrate, after two 8oz bottles I can confirm it works. Fortunately I was able to go home fairly quickly to watch the games in my own home. If I had anything to say about opening day it would be me having something to do in my down time at work cooling off in the truck.
  15. killerpopcorn

    Was AxeElf Right?

    Nothing like opening a post in the Lobby of the Dr's Office that blares out Bart and Lisa saying "Are we there yet." However, I knew what I was getting into subconsciously and ignored that beacon and just sent it.