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  1. killerpopcorn

    Axe Elf - Skibum bet #2 - Austin Hooper verse Cole Kmet

    Two guys who have the talent but no QB. Make me wonder who is going to better at QB by seasons end.
  2. killerpopcorn

    The more I look the more it hurts!

    QB Justin Herbert RB Derrick Henry RB Ezekiel Elliott RB/WR Kenneth Walker III Waiver WR Rashod Bateman WR Alec Peirce Waiver WR/TE David Njoku Waiver TE Mark Andrews OP Derek Carr DP Zaire Franklin Waiver D/ST Jets D/ST Waiver 145-107 Win now 4-3 on a 3W streak. As soon as I made the mistake of drafting a QB in the first 3 rounds I knew this would be a waiver game all season. Kenneth walker is really coming through for me this season, So far 24 waiver moves and 10+ ahead of the next person.
  3. Chubb and Jefferson I'm sure we can play ping pong with the WR stats, but it all comes down to Chubb being more reliable then Eckler. I play for points banking on a RB that's gonna put numbers down and hope he gets a little extra in that pass game, not whether the RB can catch when he cant run.
  4. killerpopcorn

    Pickens, Bateman, or Njoku

    Not looking to roll dice just want second opinion on who is safe for a Flex. I have Njoku slated to run with Brandon Cooks and A.Peirce, for some reason my gut is also telling me to put Bateman in over cooks and my brain is telling me if I do, I will regret it. WR-Cooks WR-Peirce WR/TE-Njoku B-Bateman B-Pickens
  5. killerpopcorn

    Henderson for Aaron Jones?

    I would give Both Hendersons for Aaron Jones...Solved
  6. killerpopcorn

    What's everyone doing with Zeke

    Good RB2/flex if you have no other RB's to plug in. He is good for 8-9 points each week.
  7. killerpopcorn

    Axe Elf - Skibum bet #2 - Austin Hooper verse Cole Kmet

    I couldn't even find Hoopers snap %. Is he even still utilized like he used to be?
  8. killerpopcorn

    Jameson Williams Hype

    Thoughts on all the hype? I don't really keep up with college football stats. I read on a lot of the sites stating as if he is going to be out the gate like Ja'Marr did. I was thinking about rostering him closer to his debut and seems as if it could be soon.
  9. killerpopcorn

    MNF, week 6: what do you need?

    Zeke and my waivers Robinson and Walker came through to give me the night off and I still have J Herbert in the seat. I was 1-3 at one point and this win will seat me at 3-3
  10. killerpopcorn

    If Tee Higgins sits

    Pickens has a higher ceiling. Boyd is a gamble boom or bust. He is facing a Decent slot coverage DB as well.
  11. killerpopcorn

    Gordon vs Zeke

  12. killerpopcorn

    Standard-Pickens or D. Johnson or DJ Moore or T. Boyd

    I would think Pickens is the best bet. Pickens really likes this guy of Dionte J. He has a high ceiling even set as a WR 3/4. Don’t let TBs Def scare you. Pickett threw for 300+ against Bufs def. Moore has a back up back up back ups back up Qb on top of him seeming like he is giving up on Carolina Boyd is a boom or bust and He slotted to go up against Bradly Roby
  13. killerpopcorn

    Gordon vs Zeke

    Should I wait it out till Monday or play somewhat safe and plug Zeke in? Boone is on wavier but that would mean dropping M Thomas, R Bateman, or Pitts. last minute thoughts?
  14. killerpopcorn

    The more I look the more it hurts!

    So, this is my starting roster this week, almost makes me want to run a whole waiver team and see how far it takes me..."I didn't hear no bell" -Randy Marsh QB Justin Herbert RB Melvin Gordon III RB Brian Robinson Waiver 13.7 RB/WR Kenneth Walker III Waiver WR George Pickens Waiver WR Alec Peirce Waiver WR/TE David Njoku Waiver TE Mark Andrews OP Kenny Pickett Waiver DP Zaire Franklin Waiver D/ST Jags D/ST Waiver
  15. killerpopcorn

    Brian Robinson expectations tonight?

    I don’t feel bad for the guy that started mckissic In my league. Now it’s a matter of does everyone sell high or ride the wave.