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  1. NelsonAlgren

    3 And Out! - 2022

    Wheres my Joe Flacco am?
  2. NelsonAlgren

    Who is your home team?

    I root for no one. Only the teams I bet on. I don't even watch the crap anymore. I won't give a dime to any entity except the casinos. Political Correctness has killed everything in this country including sports. My last purchase was a Redskins Jersey(purchased from the NFL store) sold AFTER the NFL banned the name. But they still wanted to make bank on the leftover merchandise. I bought one for myself and 5 or 6 others for friends. They gave me free inscribing on them too.. Whenever I wear the Redskins T Shirt I get good responses. Even though I have no affinity towards the team.. This PC crap started in Washington with the Bullets and now the cancer has spread to the NFL..
  3. NelsonAlgren

    Preseason Week 2 - Observations

    I may have to bet pre season tonight. After all it's a crap shoot just like everything else in life.
  4. NelsonAlgren

    Draft Buddy: Version 1.1 - Projections Updated: 9/5

    For Excel.. Not from you guys..
  5. NelsonAlgren

    Draft Buddy: Version 1.1 - Projections Updated: 9/5

    Where the hell is my product key? lol. I have Excel but never used it. At least I got the discount on the entries.
  6. NelsonAlgren

    Zach Wilson injured

    2-4 weeks. Bone bruise. I call BS..
  7. NelsonAlgren

    Zach Wilson injured

    Bangs Bims, Breaks Limbs.