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  1. 5 Team Dispersal in a 16 team Full IDP with equal scoring salary cap league $250 League Highlights - Very in-depth rulebook with tags extensions taxi raiding holdouts…etc - Long running League going into 13th year - Super Pot every 5th year (currently entering year 3 of 5 year cycle) - Unique All Play Format with All Play Playoffs - This league has multiple phases over the off season to keep you engaged - Salary cap/rookie wage scale/ contract minimums all progress at different rates for a true salary cap management experience - We aim to mimic the NFL in a majority of our rules to give you a true franchise experience. - All money kept on leaguesafe *Must use slack for league chat and processes Dispersal with start as soon as filled and you will be allowed to trade with all current teams not in the dispersal Please email macinnij@uwindsor.ca if interested Assets and rules found here --> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HrSDbwJkhh5tZsw8P-jPV7xASWMSa7j1JDgaE7DI3L4/edit?usp=sharing League on MFL