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  1. recespieces31

    Tua or Watson?

    I am quabbling with the same dilemma. As much as I want to start Watson, I think I need to see it for a game or two before I start him. I can see them use Chubb heavily (HOU defense is 32nd against RBs) over Watson so he can knock some rust off.
  2. recespieces31

    Lightning in a bottle?

    This ^
  3. recespieces31

    Drop Taysom Hill?

    Njoku hasnt been cleared to play yet. I would keep Hill until you know for sure he is playing.
  4. recespieces31

    Breece Hall vs Javonte Williams (Better Dynasty RB)

    Both, if you can. In choosing 1, I lean Williams.
  5. recespieces31

    Sell vs. Hold: (Hurts/Lamb)

    Agreed. I would sell high on Fields.
  6. recespieces31

    Thoughts tonight?

    I also lean Likely. He filled in nicely for Andrews last week with a 6/77/1 stat line for a TE2 finish (depending on scoring format of course).
  7. recespieces31

    Flex = Conner - ugh; or pick up a FA

    I would trust Likely over Conner. Conner is a game time decision.
  8. recespieces31

    If Andrews doesn’t play

    Andrews has been down graded to doubtful. I believe BAL is going to rest him on Monday with the bye week next week. Luckily for me someone dropped Higbee, so he is my Andrews replacement (out waivered for Likely)
  9. recespieces31

    Which QB?

    Tua. Hill/Waddle combo tenfold better than all of Jags offense combined.
  10. recespieces31

    Trade offer thoughts?

    I was offered Miles Sanders for Joe Mixon (0.5 PPR). Do I accept? Mixon has been ok-ish and I do have Hurts and AJB already. Team: Hurts, Mixon, Walker, AJB, Amon-Ra, Andrews, Stevenson, D. Pierce…Conner, Olave, Metcalf, Palmer, Higbee (Andrews backup), Chase (IR)
  11. recespieces31

    Rate the trade deadline deal.

    Deifintely like your side WAY better.
  12. recespieces31

    Waddle for Mixon?

    Was offered Waddle (receive) for Mixon (give). 0.5 PPR. Leaning towards staying put. Thoughts? Current team: Hurts, Mixon, Walker, Chase, AJB, Andrews, Amon-Ra, D. Pierce…Stevenson, Conner, Wan’Dale, Olave, Metcalf.
  13. recespieces31

    WR help

    Godwin in full PPR. This also depends if you need a safe floor (Godwin) or high upside (Olave).
  14. recespieces31

    Which TE to prioritize this week

    I lean Big Irv. ARI is bleeding points to the TE position. Juwan Johnson just roasted ARI for 5/32/2 last week.
  15. Ekeler/Hill for me. It is a PPR league. Both Ekeler and Hill are catching passes. Ekeler just got 16 targets last game and yes Allen has been out, but Ekeler still received 94 targets last year with Allen/Williams playing the full season each last year. Hill already has 50 catches (with backup and 3rd string QBs included) this year with only 2 games below 12 targets. JJ is beast mode, but the drop off from JJ to Hill is minimal right now (Hill WR3, JJ WR4 in PPR currently). The difference between Ekeler (41-261-2 receiving) and Chubb (7-51-0 receiving) in PPR is a huge difference. When Watson starts playing, I fully believe CLE will start passing more and he will vulture TD runs from Chubb, which is Chubb’s relevance currently. This is just my thoughts and 2 cents.