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  1. recespieces31

    Flex spot

    For my last flex spot, I am tilting between Pitty City vs DEN, Olave vs SEA, or Stevenson vs NYG. starters are: Hurts, Cook, Mixon, AJB, Sutton, Andrews, D. Pierce, Pitty City (for now) Taylor (out), Stevenson, Olave, Cooks, B. Rob (IR).
  2. recespieces31

    James Conner

    Agree woth Weepaws, players value depends on how other managers see them. For me, Conner is a buy low. ARI offense is right now. However in week 7 when Hopkins comes back, maybe they get back on track and Conner starts getting points.
  3. recespieces31

    Pittman and Jeff for Lamb?

    As much as I love me some Pitty City, I would do this trade.
  4. recespieces31

    Khalil Herbert

    Oh, this depends on your other RBs. If Herbs is replacing Monty who is your RB2/flex then I would keep Herbs.
  5. recespieces31

    Khalil Herbert

    In PPR (half/full), I personally would take Pittman over Monty. Standard I would keep Monty.
  6. recespieces31

    Which RBs to start?

    J Willy & J Rob for me.
  7. recespieces31

    Pitts or Bateman as WR/TE flex

    Since Chase and Waddle only got you 14 pts, seems you need upside, imho.
  8. recespieces31

    Pitts or Bateman as WR/TE flex

    Depends on what you need. Bateman is the upside play while Pitts is the safe floor play. if you are projected to lose, I personally would run with Bateman. If you are projected to win by a lot, Pitts will provide a nice floor.
  9. recespieces31

    Week 4 defense streamer

    Agreed. Vikes against Andy Dalton. But all of these are meh choices this week.
  10. recespieces31

    Need a WR2 - K. Allen is OUT.. :-(

    If Renfrow is out Hollins. Refrow playing, Reynolds.
  11. recespieces31

    Who to FLEX?? Great options!

    I personally would keep Conner in flex.
  12. recespieces31

    Blockbuster Trade to save season

    Not a good trade as it stands. You could have gotten more.
  13. recespieces31

    Drop one

    It being a PPR league, I personally would drop Wilson for Mattison. Wilson is not a reliable pass catcher, plus he plays LAR this week.
  14. recespieces31

    Tweaking the roster

    Goff is a good streamer this week. You might be able to swing St. Brown after a down week. You really have a WR1 in Waddle, but it doesnt hurt to have more. You could see if you can buy low on Mixon, or Fournette (both have had down weeks but elite usage) using CEH/Zeke as well. RB depth is crucial now-a-days. You can also use Edmonds to try to get Etienne while using CEH/Zeke for a WR. So many ways to go!