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  1. Chickie

    1st QB to get whacked and miss time due to injury?

    Carson Wentz. At some point, Sam Howell will be the guy everyone wants.
  2. The Curse of Joe Willie continues.
  3. Chickie

    AOC interviewed by GQ magazine had this to say

    I can’t even decipher what she said!
  4. Amari Rodgers of the Packers. Possible Debo / Percy Harvin hybrid usage. He’s an ez drop if I don’t get lucky.
  5. Chickie

    Dynasty QB Roster

    Cousins/ Tua/ Fields/ Flacco and Sam Howell (2 QB) Dynasty Burrow/ Malik (1QB) Dynasty
  6. Chickie

    PPR WR

    McKenzie, Nico, Rondale or Devonta
  7. Chickie

    SF RB

    Never mind Wilson or the two rookies but how much does Debo cut into Mitchell’s work load?